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Horrible, painful cramping in morning Anything help with that??

Hi everyone,

In the morning I get the most horrible cramps very low down in my intestines followed by urgency to go and loose bowel movements. It happens a few times every morning. The pain is a 10 on a scale of 1-10. After it happens a few times. I am left with achiness throughout my intestines. This is the worst part of my IBS. Its difficult to get out the door and still continues at my first stop at work. Has anyone found anything that helps with this symptom?? The last prescription for pain my Dr. called in is not covered by my insurance so would cost $350-. Cant afford that!!

Thanks for reading😌

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Hi Thats typical of IBS and I had to give up work: I am on spasmonal and was on Mebeverine.

For loos stools I have Immodium. Is there anything you can by at chemist were you live-its cheeper than Docs. Can you get Buscopan.

If it wasnt for our NHS I would be in a fix cos I dont even have £100 a wk income

Do let me know how you get on and VERY best wishes


Thank you for your imput. I will look into that. Good luck to you as well!!


Hi Again : I have 2 packs of Mebeverine left-1 has 100 tabs 135 Mg and the other has 40 tabs in it.

I could send them to you if you are allowed them ? expire mar 19 and August 20.

You may as well have them otherwise will have to take them to chemist to be destroyed. I take Spasmonal now.

Let me know and i will send you my email address


Thank you so much. Thats so very nice of you. My email is yelly1119pp@yahoo.com

Talk soon!



I found that peppermint tea helps a lot... My GP prescribed me some peppermint capsules to start me off when the pains and cramps were constant. The capsules have a stronger affect than tea as they include oils that coat the walls of the intestines making bowel movements a lot more tolerable.

I was also prescribed an anti spasmodic (Buscopan) and a beta blocker (Propranolol) for anxiety.

I found that I needed the last two less after I started taking the peppermint capsules.

I also cut down further on carbs and animal fats (I eat very little already) and lost about 10kg since the last bout of pains started (Aug). Both - in addition to cutting caffeine from my diet and drinking peppermint tea 4 or 5 times a day (occasionally very weak green tea) - made a substantial difference to my life.

I wish you all the best - Sending karmic hugs your way...


Thank you for that info. I drink peppermint tea at night but I need the help in the mornings when I first get up. The cramps are awful!! Maybe Ill give the capsules a try also. Im glad you found a few things that help you!!

Best wishes and be IBS free!!

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I also realised recently that turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities, which might explain why my gastrointestinal "difficulties" have been kept at bay for all these years. I didn't realise it at the time, but I add a bit of turmeric to my cooking almost every time.

I have recently increased my intake of turmeric and now also make sure that I add a pinch of black pepper with it. Apparently, black pepper increases the effectiveness of the turmeric properties.

These two are main ingredients in any curry powder.

The combo is also available as capsules. The active substances are curcumin and piperine.

I hope this helps...

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I suffer from similar .Mine kicks off around 5am when my gut wakes up for another day .keeps me awake till it drives me out of bed at 7 . go to the bathroom and if I am lucky enough to have a bowel movement it then subsides .Then having moved around a bit it goes and I forget it for the day .Had it most of the time for two years now with a recent bad flare up from Christmas .Saw the doc last week .(I have IBSC mostly and more recently alternating ) she suggested stool tests to first rule out gut infections and inflammation .Get results next week .I bet Like all the numerous other test I have had over last 20years the result will be negative ! Any how she also suggested that this sounds like nervous over reaction in the gut ,sending messages to the brain to work harder as part of my circadian rhythm .so if tests are negative will try me on low dose Amtriptalyn (not sure of spelling ) which is an anti depressant that can block the nerve signals from the gut to the brain or tune them down .......hopefully .sounds like yet another of those many silver bullets I have been sold over the years ,none of which have worked !

in the meantime did a bit of research on Gut pain and identified that it can be an indicator of low magnesium .So have been supplementing with 300 mg a day split Am and pm moving towards 400a day ..Must say this has certainly reduced the intensity of the pain ,but it can also make your stools loser .Anyhow check it out ,won't do you any harm and might help . Cheers .


Thank you for all the info. My Dr was tring me on Nortrypilyne a few weeks ago (suposse to have less side effects then the anytryptyline). for the pain and cramping, unfortunatly it did not help me at all so she had me stop.

She also tried me on that new to the market Viberzi. Again, for me it did not help. I tried the 75mg for a month then the 100mg.

Very frustrating that I have not found anthing that helps with the cramping pain yet. This is my worst symptom.

Since I already have loose stool Im a little nervous to take the magnesium but thank you for the suggestion. That is very interesting though.

Thanks again!!


Also used to have this every morning to the point where I couldn't even go to school on time it really is one of the most painful things and I really fear it coming back every morning. For me it stopped for some reason and I found that that the time I wake up really affects how I feel. I'm not sure if you are able to eat breakfast but I always make sure I don't eat more than a few crackers.


Try not eating anything after 6 & drink water


It's agony luv many a morning then it's a day in resting , it's hell !!!


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