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Sudden severe cramping with urgency to go



My worst symptom is having very sudden horrible cramps when I need to go to the bathroom. They come on quickly with very little time to get to the bathroom. Bowel movements are always loose and still have achiness in my lower intestines for hours after going. It's painful and awful!

Does anyone else get these symptoms and what do you do for them?

If I could get rid of the awful cramping and urgency I could live with the other stuff.......


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Have you been tested for lactose intolerance or coeliac disease? These are intolerance to gluten and dairy products. It is worth checking these out with doctor. Also do a food diary so you can correlate it with what you eat as much as possible. With everything you eat and your bowel condition each day.

yelly in reply to alicemarsh

I have been yes and I don't do dairy.....

I have a tendency to be contispated being on co-codamol 30/500 doesn't help. However other times I will get cramps, be clammy sweaty and have an urgency to go and will then go several times that day. Was told years ago I had IBS and given meds for the spasams which I'm not taking any more haven't known for years what normal bowel movements are .

alicemarsh in reply to tobie

Yakult is very good for c.

I am like that even had gall bladder our last year I have just started to take silicol jel from boots for the last two days to try and already I have felt a difference not nice to taste so mix with a little water research it worth it if it works fingers crossed

I too had that problem until I cut out dairy completely. Been taking high dose probiotics also since february. So much better. I never, however, can relax when eating out due to cross contamination concerns. I use a hot water bottle to relieve the ache after the "event(s)".

I have found that the most difficult aspect to deal with - keep a diary of what you are eating/doing etc when it happens and see if patterns emerge. One thing that was causing me problems was when I'd taken ibuprofen . High levels of stress are also a big issue so it is vital to keep that under control. I've also been a lot better since a colonoscopy in Jan and the clear out stuff oddly - my gastro says that does help some people

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