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I have had Ibs for over 40 years but it has got worse over the years. Main problem is having to go the toilet within minutes of feeling the urge.  Just can't hold it any longer that that.  Also suffer from excessive wind, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation.  Just bought some Silicol gel yesterday.  Only on second day so can't comment on it as yet.  Ibs completely controls my life.  Can't do anything without thinking about whether I might need a toilet quickly.

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  • I have this problem too. I'm not sure if it's a physical problem or a mental one because although the urge feels very real and very urgent to me when I can't find a toilet, once I know I can get to one it does actually calm down. But the worry has impaired my life in that I will only go to places where I know a toilet is easily accessible and travelling/going to new places is very traumatic for me. 

    People do suggest carrying around spare clothes/wipes etc just in case an accident occured. That way you know you can clean up and change and it might relieve some of the worry. In reality there aren't too many public places where you simply can't get to a toilet for any length of time. Even if you have to run in a cafe and buy a drink or something on your way out. 

  • I know what you mean but I have had a few accidents.  The worst one was when I had to go in a carrier bag inside my car.  Half of the time I just get myself in such a state of panic in case I have an accident that it makes things so much worse.  I always have to go when I feel like that.  It never goes away when I get to a toilet.  I am retiring in August so I hope it will settle down a bit then.

  • I have been like that all my life and now 53, mine is made worse by pressure to the bottom of my spine that causes my pain that is unbearable and i have to release from it at an instant. (but when i tell Doctors this they say there is no connection in the back passage and the spine) well trust me there is in me.

    This becomes even more of a problem when i have rock hard constipation that wont move and I cant push because of pain and loose feeling/sensation in my legs. (Hospitalised twice now for enema and has caused me to become a AF heart sufferer) It has been so bad in the past that i have to sit and pull it out little bits at a time with my finger, really not pleasant but that desperate.

    I have recently found Lactulose very helpful but you must drink loads of water with it. But being awkward as i am i also suffer with IBD D as well as C so its all a bit of a lottery what is coming next.

    I do understand about having to plan your every move around toilet needs and travel is just so difficult, I am lucky enough to have a MPV mobility vehicle with privacy glass so i now carry a porta loo which really does save on the stress. (but not the embarrassment)

    Wish you well 

  • Thanks for your reply.  I agree with you about the spine and back passage.  I find when I am having really bad problems that I get a stabbing pain which runs parallel, and right next to the bottom of my spine.  I will give Lactulose a try after I have given Silicol gel a go.  That seems to be helping at the moment but is making me a little constipated.  I am so glad I have found this site as it is good know there are others sufferers and all advice is welcome.

  • I use silicolgel and don't need to use the full dose on a daily basis.If you are experiencing constipation you might only need one or two tablespoons a day rather than the three. A friend of mine also only takes one tablespoonful a day to manage her diarrhoea / urgency symptoms after taking three to start with.

  • I have found that too - it does make you constipated.  I have only been taking one dose a day.  I find it has helped with my problem so far.

  • Its nice to know im not the only one with this problem, i belong to a walking group and i have had to go in a field once or twice very embarrassing. If i go out shopping or into town i always know where the toilet is and how long it takes to get there but if you get in and theres a queue oh no panic stations!! Ive never heard of silicogel is it like immodium i have used this but then i dont go at all for a couple of days not good.

  • I read about Silicon gel a couple of weeks ago.  200ml is about £8 in Boots.  It tells you to take 15mls three times a day but I find I don't need to take it every day and I only take it first thing in the morning  - just when I am having problems or going somewhere where I think I might have a problem.  It is worth trying as it has helped me.

  • silicolgel is natural, and although I still keep an emergency immodium to hand, I rarely have to use immodium these days. I also find that immodium does the same as you've described. I feel a 'hangover' effect in my body after using it whereas not with silicolgel. However, I still psychologically need to have one in my bag, just in case, with other paraphernalia that helps make feel comfortable when travelling. 

  • will give it a try most definitely with Imodium after taking it then I dont go at all the next day which is not good.

  • Well ive been taking the silicolgel for a few weeks now and im finding if i take a spoonful in the morning before breakfast its great and i feel normal for the first time in years hopefully this will be ongoing as i am so happy to have found something that actually works for me.

  • I have been having bowel incontinence for several years now but it is happening every day now if I don't do irrigation every day which helps a lot . I have got a damaged sphycter which is the cause of it. I have read on the net that it can be repaired but my sugeon hasn't offered it to me but suggested a stoma which I am not keen to have . Does anyone know of a treatment that could help. I have to be careful because I get systitus if I have any leaks

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