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Confused over NHS waiting times!Help!`

I'm not officially diagnosed with IBS but several GPs I've seen suspect that's what I have (though one suspects gallstones and is sending me for an ultrasound on my liver and gallbladder in February.However the GP I saw today is confused as to why they're only scanning those two organs and not my whole abdomen :/).

I got a referral today from my GP to see the Gastroenterology department at my local hospital but I'm a bit confused over the waiting times.

I couldn't book online as it stated 'no appointments were available' so I rang up the helpline that stated the same.

I've apparently had my details sent across requesting an appointment. I was told on the phone if I don't receive a letter by 9/2/17 to phone up again.

Out of curiosity I looked up waiting times which I was shocked stated up to 18 weeks! However I'm confused, does this mean it's 18 weeks until the consultation appointment or until I receive treatment following the consultation?

I'm also nervous now if they'll send me for an endoscopy/colonoscopy or both or if they'll just diagnose IBS.

I'm researching into private treatments to replace them but I'm not sure if I'll need them regardless (I've read about capsule endoscopys and virtul colonoscopys but I'm not sure if they'll be enough for a diagnosis.I realize that if they found something and needed a biopsy that I'd need the dreaded tests anyway as the others are just for diagnostic purposes).

Any advice?Has anyone else been through a similar process?

Thanks guys!


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I looked up colonoscopy and it cost up to 2k to get it done!

The waiting time is normally till you get seen. My dr managed to book the app on line but perhaps not all drs can do that. At least it has been requested so that is one step closer, think of it that way


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