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Started my fodmap diet today surprised with the lactose free products finding them really tasty. I'm not following the gluten part of the diet as I have established gluten doesn't give me a problem so the dietitian advised me not to do the gluten free section. I sat down on Thursday night and planned my meals for the week starting today and did my shop yesterday so feeling positive about it. If anyone has any FODMAP tips I'd be grateful . :) x

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Would you keep me updated how you get on plz? Thinking of starting it next week.

I also find the lacto free products tasty😜, I have been lacto free for over

two months but mustn't be diary that affects me as I still suffering


I'm currently researching it and panicking a bit!!


I'm vegetarian going vegan and I love the dairy alternatives too. I think they taste nicer some of them. There's more variety too. I can't have soy milk so I have coconut, almond or rice milk.


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