How long does it take to see an effect? I've just started taking these...also bought peppermint oil tabs which are to take 1 before a meal..trying hard with diet but waiting for bowels to work is key😳So now very bloated last night and still this morning ...and took laxative before bed to help get things going..Just how much fibre must my body need? 😳It seems shed loads and the minute I stop eating regularly packing in all the soluble fibre then I suffer ..didn't get out to walk yesterday which didn't help I know😳Help! 😳Drives me mad..wonder if some after eight mints didn't help as predominantly sugar! And I have a sweet tooth and still ate Lindt chocolate bunny( not the massive size one😆)sugar could be key?

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  • Surely the product will give you a time scale? Someone on here was trying a free trial of Bimuno which reach the lower gut alive unlike other probiotics and they send a 14 day free trial but says works in 7 days. I had tried other probiotics tablets (unlike these powders that you can even have with a hot drink) and peppermint tablets and they made no difference.

    I have been not right since I ate chocolate Thursday night! I had eaten zero junk for lent and even after a pizza and ice cream Easter weekend was fine. Thorntons egg Thursday night and it seems to affect me every morning since! Been taking this since Saturday so will see after 2 weeks.

  • I have often wondered about chocolate it could be the amount of sugar😳Or milk you try dairy free sometimes see if it makes a difference? I know that like you sometimes you just want to eat what you've been given and to heck with the after effects 😳Hope you feel better soon

  • Never had an issue with dairy no cheese and especially yoghurt I eat daily and was fine for months. I do believe what people say on here that your body remembers a food that made you ill or just turns on itself and thinks the food it bad. Normal diarrhoea etc is because the body is protecting itself and ridding you of something. Alot confusing illness is the immune system confused and turning on itself.

    I think it was too much chocolate at once and after no junk food for months I couldn't cope with it. Weird the pizza weekend before was fine.

  • The only probiotics that made any difference for me I'd Symprove, the stuff is amazing but pretty pricey

  • Thanks that's good to know..I looked online Did you manage to take it did thx recommended time? Before I shell out😳

  • When i have a bad flare up I just have it for about a week then I'm fine. I can't afford to take it all the time like they recommend. Luckily my IBS doesn't play up as much as it used to.

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