Hello- I just went to a gastro for the first time yesterday after my stomach not being the same after the stomach flu on Halloween of this year. I have had a complete blood panel along with a metabolic blood test and stool sample- it all came back fine. I have extreme health anxiety and the symptoms of Post Infectious IBS (which is what I've been told it is) scare me. I've diagnosed myself with horrible things (IBD... and other worse things). Anyway, I understand that my anxiety is making my stomach issues worse. I'm starting to feel better digestively but I've had low back pain- almost rectal discomfort for about a week now. The dull discomfort is similar to what I feel during my period (I get back cramps) and what I felt during contractions (obviously, a lot less painful). I've only experienced this during my period or a day or two before. My gastro said he didn't see any red flags to get a colonoscopy, but he was open to doing it if it gave me peace of mind. What do I do?

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  • Have the colonoscopy - a diagnosis will help you and then come back to this group for ant help with addressing your issues

  • If I was you have it done, I found out what was causing my problems by having it done, it gives piece of mind best of luck

  • Go for the Colonoscopy - I have just had another one done (my first one was about 18 years ago) and had not problems. This will give you peace of mind.

    Best of luck

  • Hi Have the colonoscopy for peace of mind

  • Get the scope.

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