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What is best?

Hello everyone!

I have experienced severe pain on the right side of my abdominal especially when I lying down at the right side and sometimes after eating or drinking sweet beverage. These symptoms appears years ago on and off pain. I already tried to see on Internal doctor doing blood test and ultrasound but all the same results said that I had fatty liver. I used to take capsule for what doctor prescribed for liver but still comes paining. So I stop taking medication for now because I felt not working at all. My question is could u help by giving some alternative medicine like home remedies as well? I'm not so fat my weight is 79 kls

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Hi if you are still getting pain then, you should go back to GP. There are NEW meds available.

Who knows, you, could be in line for a transplant.



Hi go back to your doctors,it could be gall stones.what capsules did you take before?you must see your doctor


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