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I'm new here

Hello. A few months back I started to get heartburn, felt full very quickly when eating or even if I hadn't eaten and felt uncomfortably bloated. Then I started to get diarrhoea on a regular basis. I really didn't want to go to my gp so just shrugged it off. One evening I started getting stomach cramps but this time was different, the stomach pains were really intense, like labour contractions, and didn't ease with the diarrhoea and after a while I started passing a lot of blood. After seven hours of this and the pain not decreasing I called 111 and they told me to go straight to a&e. I had blood tests and an X-ray and they eventually sent me home. I've since had a sigmoidoscopy where a polyp was removed but my biopsy was clear and showed no inflammation, so my gastroenterologist has organised another blood test for inflammation and a test for coeliac but said she's sure it's ibs. I've had a very bland diet today but still in so much pain. It's been two months now and I'm in constant pain and starting to feel really down. I want to tell my friends and family I feel better but I don't and now I'm dreading Xmas. I'm hoping someone can give me a bit if light at the end if the tunnel. X

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Hi last I had this it was gastric ulcers that were bleeding.

If you are ill you must let people know are you will have a anxiouse xmas.

Its not someting you can keep to yourself; people will pickup that there is something wrong.

It does sound like IBS-have you got any colofac, mebeverine are spasmonal from GP ?

Just take peracetamols-DO NOT take NSAIDS-ibuprofen etc.

TRY to get plenty of rest and ask for help.

Love and every blessing to you XXX

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Perhaps look up Dysbiosis

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I have ibs and Lymocetic colitis I was on xifaxen for the ibs and on a low fod map diet to eliminate food triggers . ask your dr about it. good luck I know how you feel.

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Thank you all so much for replying. I've been prescribed nothing until all my tests results are back so bought some buscopan and paracetamol to get me through Xmas. The diarrhea has settled but it's the daily pain I'm struggling with. Been researching fodmaps and will definitely ask my gastroenterologist about it. Hope you all have a lovely Xmas x


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