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Odd ibs pain

On Saturday I was out for the day and took an Imodium just in case (I always do this on a day out). On Saturday afternoon I started getting an annoying ache about 2 inches above my belly button and it's still not gone. It turns into a sharp pain when I open my bowels and continues to ache on and off afterwards. I usually get low stomach cramping ( below belly button) with my ibs is as well as lower back pain when flaring . I have diverticular disease which usually starts on the lower left but this pain/ache is new to me and don't have a clue if it's ibs or something more. I've had on/off nausea with it but that's nothing new for me and take domperidone if it becomes troublesome. Ibs In pain doesn't usually last this long with me and is gone In a few days but it's nearly a week and still non the wiser. Anyone else had this or is it just me?

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Might be a flare up oh Diverticulitis if so you might need to see GP for antibiotics just a thought.


Could it be from the Imodium? It gives me all sorts of bloats and pains. I usually start with a half tablet because of this.


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