does anyone get pain or pressure that feels like it is in the uterus area or below the belly button ?

Does anyone get pain or pressure that feels like it is in the uterus area or below the belly button ? I have been suffering with IBS constipation for some time. I used to get IBS D all the time after eating foods but now the pain varies from feeling like someone gripping onto my insides , to light pressure and a dull ache in the area beneath my belly button. Going to the toilet sometimes relieves it and the pain/ pressure increases after eating. I presume lots of organs are in that area so its hard to distinguish . Anyone else had these symptoms ?

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  • Do you have really bad bloating where your lower belly is rock hard?

  • sometimes , but it comes and goes and isn't persistent and depends what I have eaten

  • That sounds quite similar to what I have been dealing with since November. I've had gut issues for years but just the past few it's been like you described. And terrible bloating depending on what I eat, to the point of looking pregnant and rock hard belly. I have been having tests done and so far its not my upper gastro tract causing it and I had an ultrasound to check out my ovaries and reproductive system. Have you seen your Dr? Cysts on ovaries can cause this, are you periods regular?

  • No not seen the doctor yet . Been keeping a diary of my symptoms. I used to get worse bloating with IBS D but since I've had more constipation based IBS the pain has been more around the front in the area I said and more like gripping pain , not severe just uncomfortable. I have had polyps in my uterus removed in the past but they had no symptoms . I have had ovarian cysts too which are really common and discovered through past gynaecological ultrasounds. My periods are pretty regular but I'm probably heading towards the menopause now.

  • Yeah I too suffer this. The pain so bad sometimes I can't straighten up, I also have a lump in my lower left abdomen I don't know whether this is due to constipation. I feel worse when been to the toilet unlike you but I do seem worse after eating too

  • I think if you have a lump you can feel you should let your doctor know. Ibs has a lot of symptoms and it may be nothing but I'd get it checked

  • Thanks for your advice, I'm going to tell my gp when I next see him as me and my mum just noticed it x

  • It's always worth getting things checked. I'm sure it'll be ok

  • I had gluten so in case I was trying to prove not Celiac once again yes, those symptoms are annoying and have not had noticed earlier things which seem to connect in round robin are IBS will come after dehydration, UTIs, yeast if at a certain time my system screams QUIT eating whatever you know you can't. So it is hard to pinpoint if you feel bad. Many on this thread didn't mention the gluten could be an issue. Of course it could be another irritant, sensitivity or allergen issue. If any of you have a relative who is Celiac and eat normal, switch back and forth (which will usually make your symptoms worse each time you eat gluten) please consider the fact many of us Celiacs are not alike in same symptoms as they appear, nor will even notice sometimes. BUT if you are Celiac and eating gluten chancing it you're still doing damage they say. Decades I ate normal but a Mother and sister had it where they get very ill when I could "get away" for years.

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