Anyone tried Lactofree Cream?

Hi guys,

I'm looking at dessert recipes so I can make pudding for my boyfriend's family on Christmas Day. The trouble is that all of the ones I fancy doing have cream in them and dairy is one of my triggers.

I know you can get Lactofree Cream but I've never tried it before so I was wondering if any of you have and is there a noticeable difference in taste? I was thinking maybe I could sneak it in there without any of them noticing...

Who knows if it'll trigger me as I'm not sure if it's lactose or dairy in general that sets me off but it's Christmas so I expect myself to be ill on Boxing Day!



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  • Alpro make a longlife single cream so that will be completely dairy free. They also make a custard which is very nice

  • Hi ,Cricketqueen, I have the Lactose free Milk ,spread ,and Yogurts all made by Arla . But have never seen the Alpro Custard ,is that kept by the Yogurts ? I have seen Alpro. Lactose. Free yogurt but they only make Vanilla ,don't they .

  • Alpro do make a coconut yogurt now and packs of small fruit yogurts

    The custard should be in the dessert area of a supermarket

  • Thanks for that ,will have to try them ..but have to check out if there is fructose sugar in them ,as I cannot have that .either .

  • If you can't find the custard in the dessert section you might find it in the 'free from' section of your supermarket as I've seen it there a few times :)

  • Thanks for your comment Cricketqueen :) I can't use the alpro cream as it's not whippable plus my boyfriends family might be weirded out by it as they're just that kind of people! I have tried the custard and I do agree that it's really nice! It's a little runny though but the taste definitely makes up for it!

  • Hi kweh123, I find it tastes ok.

  • Thanks for your comment :) Do you find it tastes different from normal cream? Could I pull off using it and my boyfriends family not noticing..?

  • Thanks for that comment ,I will look tomorrow .can you whip the Arla Cream ,I just pour it on ,I use fresh cream on my trifle ,I am ok with that .You must have a trial with the Arla cream ,so you are not ill Christmas when your visitors are there .

  • Yeah I was thinking of buying some before hand and seeing if it triggers me or not! Thanks again x

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