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Flucloxacillin for an insect bite improved my IBS quality of life

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So I've had ibs-d since 1994, I've tried everything and it wasn't until about 10 years ago i got any real relief when i was prescribed 200mg mebeverine twice a day. This really helped but i noticed since taking them eating things with gluten in now made me ill aswell when there was no problem before.

During lockdown this year i got a really bad insect bite and was given a 2 week prescription for 500mg Flucloxacillin. That cleared the bite up but another thing i noticed was my ibs issues were gone, i didn't drink any milk or cream or dairy ice cream which are always bad triggers for me but i did notice the "general feeling" (ibs sufferers know what i mean) and aching/pain in the gut, aswell as the stool problems were gone, i even had things with gluten in and they no longer caused any problem. I felt great for the first time since my teens.

About 3 days after finishing the antibiotics i noticed the same feeling in my stomach was back, the same toiletry experience, and the rest all came back.

I'm currently on 500mg Amoxicillin for an ear infection but still have my ibs symptoms as usual.

Has anybody else experienced this with Flucloxacillin? If so what is the different ingredient between the two and is that ingredient available over the counter to test it again? I wish i could speak to a doctor or chemist to tell them my experience as maybe some research into it could provide an ibs medication that really helps.

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Yes I was on a 1000 mg dose in June for a serious infection around metal plate in arm - one step away from sepsis - my bloating and constipation disappeared - after op I was put on 1000mg augmentin for four weeks and after they ended noticed a lot of my issues have gone -still bloat but pain wind gas and constipation are better. However at start of lock down I got a real bad stomach bug and all time during lock down had to be so careful of what I ate and I do believe now that it was an infection in my stomach due to smell of poops and farts - god damn awful - it has been tons and tons better since the tablets stopped so sorted out what was going on - mind I still bloat but bloated less when I took them - hope this helps

Hi l had the same experience after having antibiotics for a foot infection l was on high dose fir around 4 weeks my relief lasted about 6mths ! I told docs an they said it was a fluke but l don't believe it was!

Thatnk you both for replying, at least it's not just me then. Sometimes all it needs is finding a good doctor who is open minded and willing to look into possibilities. When all this covid is over I'll speak with my doctor, see what she says. Until then i guess I'll have to do my own research

Hi - that is an antibiotic targeted at fungal infections. Perhaps you have SIFO or some other fungal gut issue. I think there is info online by dr Rao in america on this

Hi, when my son was young, about 20/25 years ago, I used to be able to get antibiotics when I had sinusitis. But it usually gave me a week off my IBS too. They don't hand them out quite so easily now, but it always did make me wonder. When I have antibiotics now they seem to make me worse, but it might be they are different antibiotics or that my IBS has just changed over the years. They seem to recommend Rifaximin now for IBS but I haven't tried them!

Yeah there are different antibiotics, the Flucloxacillin worked for me but amoxicillin doesn't (for ibs, it did the ear infection)

Thanks Liz, what is a SIFO? I've never heard that, not even from the doctor.

Hi - well its not well known and is a long shot. It stands for small intestinal fungal overgrowth. It might include things like candida but i am not sure.

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