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Anyone have similar symptoms?

I have always suffered from bloating - not regular 'bit larger' bloating either but instead quite often it looks like I am 6 months pregnant for a few days.. and i just can't figure out the cause behind this.. The two times when this has been at its worse in my life - currently and a year ago, was when i was eating my most 'healthiest'

I am a vegetarian, I avoid dairy and wheat as much as possible as it flares up my eczema I would prefer to not eat dairy anyway though, so only rarely will i eat cheese or ice-cream and rarely touch milk/bread, I eat predominantely plant based meals, I don't drink coffee every day and I don't smoke

A few things i think may trigger this include apples, onion, garlic, unripe bananas, watermelon, honey, dates, dried fruit, beans if i eat it with other foods, broccoli and the list seems endless.. Its hit the point now where it will leave me so uncomfortable for extended periods and gets me down about my stomach appearance

I suffer from wind/gas, occasional constipation or the opposite where its very regular, I have joint pain which I have recently noticed.. Im fairly active and an early riser

Anyone else suffer the same? Have any tips ?

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I also suffer with stomach bloating. Looks like I'm 6 months pregnant !

I use peppermint tablets but better still peppermint oil in warm water as a drink ( only about 3-4 drops of oil) seems to settle it down.

Last nite I had shepherds pie n peas and had really bad wind. Did put a little onion in, perhaps shouldn't have. Better this morning.


I do feel some gas & irritation in stomach & intestines. I am a vegetarian too & I don't drink caffeine. I take generally 1 tbsp fennel seed powder after every meal, 3 times a day. You can google out about the fennel seeds helping with releasing gas and bloating. It helps me at least. You can try out. Fennel seed powder can be found in some superstores or any indian grocery store.

I also take probiotics, Healthy Trinity 1 capsule everyday evening before meal. That helps me very well.

Hope this helps! Take Care

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The thing has which you Dayton think trigger your symptoms are precisely those which are mentioned within theFODMAPS method of eating. There is a long list of other foods which could also be triggers. Have a look at the Monash University website on that subject as following that may help. They ha e an app which is just over £6 which is very helpful and easy to follow in a traffic light system .


You could try the Low Fodmap diet. Fodmap diet avoids foods that some people have problems digesting - these foods quickly foment in the gut in those susceptible and create wind. There is a Fodmap app to check which foods to avoid. I have used it - had to substitute dairy milk for Almond milk, eat Spelt bread instead of wheat - garlic and onions are big no-no's, as are fruit/veg with big stones in (avacado, peach, etc) - see webmd.boots.com/healthy-eat... for info


It's veg causes wind and bloating pulses and cabbage family in particular nb peas are pulses ,an raw veg for sure.If peppermint not working try liquorice or whiskey or cognac with hot water and sugar,relaxes tummy muscles and tastes comforting!


Also hot water bottle


My first suggestion would be to stop all fruit, no onions, try garlic and parsley tablets along with a good probiotic for a month as sometimes food is fermenting in our gut.

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All your food triggers (although I don't have honey) are the same for me. Three months ago, I started the lowFODMAP (as best I could) and I can see a noticeable improvement. However, I have been put on Linaclotide medication, as I have IBS-c - these capsules are causing bad runs to the loo and so I take alternate days.

I've avoided gravies and sauces of all sorts, and trying to avoid all ready-meals. I don't feel 100% but I think perhaps it's unrealistic!

Cutting down on carbs has helped I believe.

It's all trial and error - and lots of confusion.

I hope you find some solution soon, it seems everyone is different and it's important to know your own body. I can see that this is ongoing for you too.

Best wishes, Ann.


Hi im the same and havent had much help but it sounds like you would benefit greatly from the fodmap diet it helps 75% of people like us and all those foods you listed are trigger foods. Look up the fodmap diet and give it a go i hope it helps you


My bloating came back last week until this day, wondering what test would be by the doctor?


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