IBS diagnosed ?

Hi all

Im 57 and have been diagnosed this week,with IBS after a long year of issues with.


Heartburn in solar plexus area

constantly going to relieve my self night and day

Pains in shoukder blades

Pains in stomach

Unable to eat much and disinterested in food

Rush to loo with diarihea If I eat something spicy or rich

If I am stressed I can feel some of these pains literally arrive in minutes

I lost 30 lbs from last xmas and now am around a slim 160 and my clothes don't fit !

Endoscopy revealed hitwus hernia and gastritis but no bacteria

Ultrascan revealed no problems

No colonoscopy as yet

Blood,test and stool tests all,clear etcetera

I suppose I feel better than a,few months back when i had no idea what it was and thought it could be worse.......now resigned to the FODMAP. And stabilising things

The stuff read here about some people is truly humbling ......guys I am so sorry hiw bad this can be for many .......my heart gies out to you

I hope everyone can find relief and resolution too your own individual problems .....I have been treated like a,leper by some people because they don't be live I have an illness and am just a hypochondriac looking for attention......shush is not the case

I urge everyone to push your doctors,for all tests and make a fuss.....it's your right and your life that you deserve ,to,live free of pain and worry about health ....we live in the 21 st century not the Stone Age !

Good luck everyone !


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  • I hope you find relief soon!! I also am searching for some mixture of treatment to work! I have no experience as far as different meds go, I have tried to avoid that, but I believe now is the time to try meds/diet changes! Having IBS is horrible and people do not understand because we dont always "look" sick or tell people how uncomfortable we are on a daily basis..what I dont understand is why people think we would make this of all things up!? I do NOT enjoy telling a lot of people that I have poo issues its embarassing! I hope you get relief soon!!

  • Thanks....and good luck in your own journey

  • Hi Neil,

    You seem to be in a similar situation to me. I've had pains in my stomach and shoulder blades as well as occasional heartburn and frequent rushing to the loo.

    A sliding hiatus hernia was found when I had an endoscopy and then later I was also diagnosed with IBS. I had Proton Pump Inhibitors prescribed, but they didn't reduce my symptoms. I had a colonoscopy and tests for fructose and lactose intolerance, which came back negative. I was diagnosed with IBS and based on my gastroenterologist's recommendation, I've been on the low-FODMAP diet for 2 months now. I don't need to cut out fructose or lactose (according to the tests), but I still limit them and I've found the diet is making a big difference for me.

    Have you had any successful treatment for your hiatus hernia? I've seen some self treatments online like exercises and massage, but I've not yet started on these.

    Good luck


  • Hi Mark

    yep very similar......i'm on a daily 20mg esomeprazole tablet for the acid reflux (Dropped the dom peridone now as it has long term issues) and now finding my way on basic FODMAP initially for the IBS ........no help offered by GP on the Gastro stuff...was going to self help on the testing or use one of the online testing companies for allergies......etc etc ?

    last week has been ok apart from stupidly having a big fully loaded caffinated coffee today and normal milk with it .........a few hours struggling......DURRRR !

    re excercises theres some old wives tails out there !.........I'm just gonna excersise a lot and leave that one be .....1 step at a time !

    good luck


  • Hi I am 57 too have had IBS/D since i was 23

    Blessings S x

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