IBS?? Or what?

I have had trouble on and off with my digestive system for longer than 10 years during which time I have had 3 endoscopes and 3 colonoscopies ( the latest was last week and am currently awaiting results ) The previous investigations ruled out cancer for which I am grateful but I have not had much success in resolving my symptoms apart from a brief sojourn with the "Fodmap" diet which helped for a bit before the symptoms returned. At present I am suffering from excessive wind ( from both ends ) and intermittent, recurrent diahorea. I get marginal relief from Pepto Bismul. Any words of guidance would be hugely appreciated.

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  • Bloating and diarhoea could be caused by dairy or by combinations of fruit or veg etc.

    I don't see how you can have a short sojourn with Fodmaps. You either do it properly or not.

    I suggest trying again. It's the only thing which I find if any help.

    Try getting Monash University app and eat only the green highlighted foods (traffic lights system) for at least 6 weeks including going gluten free and dairy free. That should clear your system of any irritants then you can start to add in a few things marked Amber by type to see if they affect you.

    It is a long process overall to find what your body is reacting to and cannot be done within a short sojourn!

    Stick with it as it is well worth the waiting.

  • Thanks for your advice. My sojourn was 6 months and it seemed to work but then I relapsed after a bout of infection.

  • Look up Dysbiosis. If you think u may have this ask your doctor for a test. Cut out carbs in the mean time and see if u are any better.

  • Thanks, I 'll look it up.

  • Some foods on the acceptable list of fodmaps don't agree with me & some on the bad fm list have never bothered me in my long history of digestive care. Stick with the good fm list & don't adlib. It's lifelong trial & error 1 item at a time.

  • I had a similar experience.

  • I suffer with colitis and I find wheat and corn cause me problems, have you tried keeping a food diary to find out which foods trigger a attack. Best of luck.

  • Have tried food diary. Probably have to try it again.

  • Like you l have had ibs for many years, just been diagnosed with chileididi syndrome. it's when you colon is misplaced too close to liver and stomach wall making the colon work harder. had to go abroad to get diagnosis

  • Thanks. I'll look it up. It's so frustrating not to have a proper diagnosis. Takes weeks to get a GP appointment where I live so I tend to get despondent about the whole health support service

  • It sounds to me. Like you are trying to escape the discipline required for this illness......I did this for the first period,of my IBS and every time I slipped,it hammered me ........

    I think this is pretty usual for many of us.......and understandable....as,we sometimes think we are beating it ......but we are not......

    I would suggest go back to the cold hard basics of diet. Then slowly add the things that are also bearable .......that's it......

    Tough love .....sorry


  • I hate to admit it, but you've probably hit the proverbial nail on the head. The Christmas season is not the best time to recommence a strict eating regime! So it will need to be January. From now until then I'll muddle through with copious ingestions of Pepto Bismul and Deflatine.

  • Yep......we are going to,family for my first official IBS xmas.......won't stop ,them trying though....hahahahahaha

    The thing is I want to enjoy it and not be doubled up all evening .......so,will take it easy

    Good luck to,us all


  • I had terrible Ibs problems for years and was at my wit's end. It appeared to me that I simply wasn't digesting or absorbing my food. I seemed to react to everything. My skin was pallid, I had bad acne, heart palpitations which saw my heartrate go to 240 and landed me in A&E several times and migraines. To add to that I was regularly doubled over in pain after eating. It took a good five years for me to research what could be going on and I solved it all in a month. I realised that at some point in my digestive process something that should be occurring was not. I was close to accepting I would have to live with poor health forever when an acne doctor I went to see suggested liver flushing. In some people the liver gets choked with stones (I still have no idea why) and it stops the bile getting to food, meaning digestion isnt completed and it falls to the bacteria in the gut to do the whole job (hence the bloating, pain etc) It also means that the gut is the wrong PH as bile alkalises the very acidic stomach contents, meaning all sorts of nasty things flourish where they shouldnt't. I'd siggest you research Andreas Moritz's liver fluah protocol and give it a try. My reasoning was my life couldn't get any worse so I really had nothing to lose!!! My heart palpitations went instantly, aling with the IBS, after I passed a calcified stone the size of a golf ball. Let me know if I can help!! X

  • I'm skeptical about the liver flush but have read about them. What results did you experience?

  • Try 'slippery elm' from the herbalist, it's an old remedy from years bk , I, do find some relief for it & I swear by kalin & morphine, hope you try it & it helps you

  • The fodmap if you do it strictly it will help, bait must be the 'low ' one

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