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IBS or Fibromyalgia?

Hi, I'm looking for advice/ help.

I suffer from some symptoms of IBS, bloating and constipation, but about every 2/3 weeks, maybe a couple of times a month, I suffer from severe fatigue. My body feels really heavy and I can't get out of a chair without help. Is this IBS or Fibromyalgia? Does anyone else have similar symptoms? I've tried FODMAP, and have been given various medications, but I'm not sure what to do next?

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I have had fibromyalgia (thankfully can say I got past it except for a rare occasional flare up!) ...and it is in a WAAAAY different ball park than ibs...

Yes, fibromyalgia can cause fatigue... but the main symptoms of Fibro are painful, aching muscles in various parts of your body... absolutely nothing like the pain of ibs...

It CAN affect your appetite and your 'mind' which can trigger ibs...(in some cases)... but they are two different maladies.

My ibs (which to me is worse...but that is strictly an opinion) hit me long AFTER I had gotten the fibro under control...

If you have any doubts or don't know what to do... you should probably speak with your dr. Good luck in finding one that actually KNOWS how to help you with EITHER ibs or fibro... because many do not.



You 'got past it' & 'got the fibro under control' 😯....PLEASE Tell me how you managed to get it 'under control' ...... I've had it 24 years and apart from the odd few days here and there,it never leaves me, and try as I might, I do not have any control over it.

I'd love to know how you managed it, if you don't mind sharing please. 😊


Yes every week or two my legs don't want to work they feel very heavy,

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Yes for me it seems to be the other way around....I was diagnosed with IBS a year ago and since doing the FODMAP diet the pain and bloating in my stomach seems to be okay except as you say for the “occasional flare-up”, however my fatigue seems to come and go when it likes, as if it too “flares up”, making it very hard to predict its cause. The fatigue flare ups occur infrequently but roughly every 1-2 weeks now lasting from 1- 4 days. I do have achy muscles, particularly on my back, but also a few aches in my elbow and wrists. But apart from those aches I don’t experience any pain as such. The fatigue though is most frustrating as I struggle to walk as my legs give way from feeling very heavy, the smallest tasks are a struggle, like just picking up a glass of water for instance; and forget walking up the stairs, my boyfriend half carries me half pushes me up. But even when I’ve sat on the couch to rest it seems to be an even bigger struggle just to get back up again, like my body's been stiff from sitting so long. If anyone else has this type of fatigue I would greatly appreciate any insight into what it is, for at the moment my doctors are putting it down to the IBS, I just haven’t read anyone else with IBS having this type of fatigue so am unsure this is the only cause.


Chronic fatigue Syndrome?

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I have massive issues with fatigue. Thou I am not sure its directly related to my IBS. I am sure the IBS is a contributing factor.

Lately its been bad - I have days where by mid afternoon I just have to sleep for a few hours.

The interesting part is this is usually not true on the weekdays when i need to go to work but on the weekends its is very clear I am a wreck.

You have to look at contributing factros and try to remove them one at a time.

I have IBS - I work too much - 14hrs a day usually, I get 3-6hrs a sleep a night, and when my IBS is bad - it all gets much worse.

Oh and I am always under a ton of stress.

NONE of these help any of my symptoms, so I have been working to remove each or reduce each as much as possible.


After your description I don't hear you you talk about having pain. painis a hallmark of Fibromyalgia. The nerve endings go wild during a flare up. You could have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


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