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alcohol & severe stomach upset


my stomach hurts so much when I drink alcohol. Particularly red wine but pretty much anything, anyone else?

thanks x

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Red wine causes me problems too. In fact a bad reaction to it led to my initial diagnosis of IBS. I tend to stay off it now or restrict my consumption to two glasses.

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ahhh ok thank u !

Alcohol is also a major trigger for acid reflux which will make your stomach hurt. Cider in particular really affects me. I tend to avoid it or limit myself to a small amount.

Yeah it was a very severe pain, a lot of bloating too! I still feel affected by drinking it even though it was 2 days ago because it was a strong red wine which I have never had before.

Hope you feel better soon. x


You may find you are reacting to the fructose in red wine, athough I have found red wine much easier to digest than white wine and cider.


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thanks alison x

I heard it the tannins which also occur in Tea which I have found I need to restrict.

I hv never been able to tolerate red wine. Makes me violently sick.

Oh i see, do you feel bad even a few days after?

Alcohol is corrosive, red wine is very high in tanins also corrosive. It sounds like you have gastritus. The only solution is stop drinking. I had to, all alcohol cripples me as much as I enjoy a drink it just had to go. If you don't take omeprazole you should talk to your Dr about starting some.

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I have got omeprazole, thanks for the advice. I literally never drink it was just this one occasion at a dinner but im still in pain now. Just severely bloated.

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