Melted butter on toast causes stomach upset

Hi guys. I need some advice. I woke up this morning with hunger pains in my tummy so I made some toast. I like butter that's melted into the toast anyway if I have butter in beans or toast or on bread with ham etc it causes me to have really bad stomach disconfirt now does anyone else have this problem? If I have cheese or a cheese toasty that is fine which I don't understand it's strange. Now I leave my butter in the cupboard I don't put it in the fridge as it gets to hard to spread could this be the reason why I get upset stomach? It sometimes causes diarehaa. I've also noticed when I have something that upsets my tummy I have tintitas bugging in the ears not sure if that is caused by my anxiety or linked to my stomach problems. Anyone have any ideas thanks.

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  • It could be to do with the fat intake .. I have tinnitus and have always had this since i remember

  • That's what I don't get. Cheese is okay tho it's so strange.

  • Butter and cheese are different dairy products produced by different strains of lactic acid, bacteria as starter culture and different fractions of whole milk as starting substrate.

  • Hi macman it sounds like to me ibs do you get spasms after eaten certain foods & then needing the toilet you carnt rule it out every ones getten that ibs go & see your doctor babe dont suffer with pain patricia

  • Yep I get that a lot before I quit smoking I was fine but then When I quit smoking my anxiety got worst then I was diagnosed with IBS which I've never had before. My anxiety and IBS is that bad I can't even go out and socialise without having a panic attack and having really bad nausea so I don't go out much. Certain foods make my IBS bad sometimes I feel the need to go to the toilet and it really hurts other times I can't go.

  • I no what you mean babe them spasms can really be painfull even when you dont eat yiu still get them horrible pains when the bowels are opening & the food goes down but still see your doctor hun becouse he cud give yousome spasmodic drugs to help with the horrible pains we all enjore take care patricia

  • Yeah I'm going to book an appointment with the doctor on Monday

  • Hypnosis may help with the anxiety - just a thought. Personally I can eat butter and cheese my problem is the good stuff i.e. vegetables and fruit. Also possibly Tinnitus could cause you to suffer nausea - not sure whether this condition could cause a slight imbalance in the ears. I take Stugeron travel sick tablets if I have nausea, which I sometimes get with IBS - they work a treat.

    But I have to say, well done on giving up smoking, that can't of been easy.

    Best of luck and hope that you manage to find something for your anxiety.

  • I think it was quitting smoking that made me have these problems it sucks really.

  • It certainly does suck, you take one thing away that is really bad for you but does benefit in one way and that's smoking relaxes you. Meditation/Rescue Remedy, not sure if you have thought of either of these?

    Hope you find something that works for you.

  • Check out the fodmap diet, cheese is ok, beans are not. You could be reacting to the wheat in the bread

  • You see that's the thing I can eat bread fine if I have biscuits with wheat in them it's fine although shreddies I can't have as they upset my tummy. It's strange because I can eat certain things with wheat in.

  • Most people are able to tolerate a piece of white bread or a small amount of wheat but to much can lead to symptoms

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