Ibs or something else (can humid hot weather bring it on?)

Hi everybody!last night & this morning i had cramps across front & right side of my tummy in the lower part.they have also been shooting up to middle of stomach & under my ribs on right side.is this my ibs or is it something else?it is very hot & humid where i live & can the weather affect your bowels do you think?it's making me bit anxious cos not had that before with it going right up to ribs.

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  • Hi there, I doubt if its the weather that is causing it....however, anxiety (which can be caused by the weather because of the way we react to it) could be contributing to the way you feel. Make SURE you are drinking PLENTY of water ...plain old water...no other liquids count....

    also what it sounds like it just plain ol' regular gas pain...which can come in many different ways with different feelings/symptoms... You might try some anti-gas pills like Phazyme...or GasX ... good luck to you!

  • Thanks for reply ut it wasnt gas.but I will bare in mind what you said.it could have been stress also but i don't usually get symptoms like that when stressed usually:(

  • Yes to weather,in tropics try drinking warm weak tea like the Chinese do,add ginger to release wind

  • Thanks for reply!yep maybe i will try the tea as have some tea like that:)

  • Yes definitely hot humid weather. Can! I've stopped going abroad im the peak of summer because of this AND I get palpitations & nervous stomache.x

  • Thanks for reply!i guess you get it too so not just me then:)that's a shame u had to stop going abroad in summer it got so bad.

  • yes the hot humid weather makes ibs worse , I have the same issues and read up on it.

  • Thanks for reply:)that's good u read up on it.so you also get same as me then!well at least i know it's my IBS so not so worried now:)

  • I am not a doctor I just try to keep on on the information , and I do notice when its really hot out and I am in the heat a while I start to get sick .

  • Yeah I noticed that myself too.I also noticed that there are more stomach bugs around sometimes in summer which can make it even worse.

  • yes

  • the hot humid weather makes my stomach worse for sure.

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