Anyone heard of 1bs100 audio cds

Has anyone tried the above a ser of 4 cds a sort of hypnotheraphy course. I keep coming across very good reviews for this with ibs sufferers. I am now desperate writtenoff my Drs and dont know where to tturn. They are about £60 so not cheap but am just at the end of the line with the pain. If anuone has tried these please advise dont want to be ripped off anymore but I have no life anymore.

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  • Sorry for typing errors site wont let me edit posts or could be my tablet

  • sounds ridiculously expensive £113 for 4 cds on Amazon 18 year old recording! Why so expensive especially after so long

    Maybe get a second hand version or copy on e Bay??

  • yes I tried them they didn't work for me,I tried loads of hypnotherapy cd's and none have helped but I have heard they do help some people,i;m like you,I try anything that I hear might help but still searching after 24yrs.

  • Have you tried to see if your local library has them?

  • I see you can get audio download for £46 or cd for about 50

  • I tried the Hypnosis CD's and other Healing CDs they haven't worked for me. I hope they work for you.

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