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Incomplete Evacuation


Hi I have been suffering with the above for many years having been diagnosed with IBS. It is very frustarting and leads to daily bouts of pain, discomfort, wind etc. Normally I feel worse than before I went. So a real case of damned if you go and damned if you dont. I have tried many treatments, including mainstream medicine, hypnotherapy etc without any great help. Some parts of diet make me worse but I tried the FODMAP diet, which helped a little but was so restrictive that it depressed me more. I am very active, Just wandering if anyone has any experiences/advice? Many thanks and take care

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Morning I am exactly the same on and off the toilet in the morning then when I eat feel the need to go again and it builds up all day just had telephone call with gp and she has agreed that this is not OK and is going to speak to colerectal department to get some advice on what to do next in the mean time advised fybergel which sadly for me makes me worse bloating wind etc so I am waiting for the outcome

Barney100 in reply to matches123

Thanks for your comments. I agree fybogel makes me worse and most other medicines have negative effect. I also tried various odd diets with few improvements and making me have a very restrictive life.

Presumably you are suffering from IBS-C (constipation dominant IBS). I have IBS-C and have been prescribed Linaclotide for it and I am also taking Alflorex probiotic which has been scientifically studied for IBS. These in combination have reduced the pain I am in considerably and I have been able to tolerate more foods so that I am able to consume the extra fibre I need to have a BM including oatbran, wheat bran (if tolerated), 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, 8 prunes (if tolerated), 2 tablespoon chia seeds and shredded wheat (or GF version: Nutribrex) for breakfast, plus quinoa, wholewheat bread (if tolerated) and whole grain pastas (e.g. Buckwheat) at other meals. These fruits are particularly high fibre and can help with BMs: hard pears, dried apricots, raspberries, oranges (contain a natural laxative) & 2 kiwi. I find that I need to have 1 orange a day and then another high fibre fruit later in the day to help with BMs. In some people the Linaclotide also helps a lot with BMs which is its primary purpose.

There is some good advice about constipation here:

I also take 30 drops of ginger extract before bedtime to aid motility. You may need to work up the dose to say 7 drop increments each night.

Some people say that enteric coated peppermint can help with pain.

I have been giving Optifibre a go, which has been helping but I need to be careful with the amount since it gives me gas.

Exercise can help with BMs. The government recommends 150 mins of moderate exercise (e.g. walking as if you are late for an appointment) or 75 of intense exercise (e.g. jogging) per week. I also have a bit of a walk around straight after breakfast to get things moving.

You need to ensure that you are drinking enough fluids (2 litres of fluid per day).

Barney100 in reply to xjrs

Thanks for the interesting advice.

Hi Barney I have suffered with the same problem for years and went down the diet route too. Eventually it got so bad I sought help thinking I might have Crohn’s disease as there is IBD in the family. I don’t but after a few tests they found I have a pelvic organ prolapse (Rectocele) which was causing my problems. I know how hard it is to be taken seriously with bowel problems but if you’ve tried everything you need to get tested. If you have a prolapse, pelvic floor exercises might help but won’t be a quick fix. I can advise further on this if you wish.

edwangy in reply to swishymichy

hi there, I've been diagnosed with same. What treatment are you having/had for rectocele and has/does it worked?

swishymichy in reply to edwangy

Hi I’ve been doing pelvic floor exercises for 3 months 3 times a day. I’m avoiding lifting anything heavy and certain exercises at the gym. I’m eating foods high in phytoestrogens as I believe my oestrogen levels are reduced due to being pre menapausal which can contribute to the problem. I think I’m beginning to see some positives results due to all this but only just as it takes time for muscles to co-operate and strengthen. I can offer more info on the exercises etc

edwangy in reply to swishymichy

Thanks for replying. One of the problems for me is that I have a large fibroid in my uterus so pelvic floor excercises don't really work. My gyny said a hysterecctomy could make it worse as things may prolapse even further, I've been through menopause so things aren't as strong down there as they once were,and using oestrogen could make the fibroid even bigger. I thought you may have had an op.

swishymichy in reply to edwangy

So sorry to hear of your troubles and that I can’t offer any help. I wish you all the best and hope you get some relief if you have the repair op.

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you mean a test for rectocele? Is that mainly a problem for women do you happen to know as I am male? Many thanks

Tests for anything which could identify what is causing your problem. Rectoceles can only occur in men who have had a prostatectomy. A colonoscopy would identify any evidence of IBD. There are lots of tests you could have to test for all sorts of bowel issues. Is your poo normal in consistency? Is it narrow? Do you get a proper urge? Do laxatives have any effect?

Thanks. Yes I have had stool test and colonoscopy. All normal more or less which is of course good news but just so frustrating as there is no remedy. I do go at least once a day normally but after that I can go normally. Either hold in and face pain or go and not do enough

I don’t really understand your problem if you can go normally each day. Do you means it seems normal but then you realise later you didn’t fully empty your bowel? It stops before it’s empty?

Yes that is right. On the surface, not a major problem but the endless daily pain I suffer really affects my life. I can never clear out enough meaning, I am left with gas, pain, discomfort etc for the rest of the day. Doctors dont really want to know so it has left me very frustrated

I totally could ask for an ano-rectal physiology test which checks for problems with the muscles and the co-ordination of them. The bowels are quite complex in the way they work. You might benefit from bio feedback therapy.

This is what I suffer from a 4th grade Pelvic Organ Prolapse and lifelong severe constipation. I have managed up until now with having 2 Kiwis and a Pear every two days plus using a whole box of Glycerin suppositories all through the day and most of the night! No normal life at all!! Now in England it's very difficult to find suppositories in the shops to buy or get on a GPs prescription. An irrigation system would help me, but I asked for one 10 years ago at the Surgery and was told no. I can never leave my home with this dreadful problem. Has anyone here any answers?

Sorry to hear of your troubles! You can get irrigation kits on the NHS, I have one myself so go back to your GP and insist on one. I have been given the Braun irypump previous to that I used a gravity system I bought off amazon! I couldn’t live without it.

After many years of suffering, I now take 2 probiotic tablets each night before bed. It's helped the pain for sure but not the daily 1 hr sit every morning. I'd say it has helped.

Barney100 in reply to Hdr2712

Thanks, which probiotics did you use?

richv in reply to Hdr2712

Really bad and especially embarrassing if you have to have a building super come up and re-thighten the toilet seat!

Not sure if you are in UK but Holland and Barrett sell the ones I take or on Amazon they are cheaper. They also contain Aloe Vera. Will check the name and get back to you.

Aloe Pura is the make and its called Aloe Vera Complex. No side effects that I can see. I've been taking them for several weeks now. Good luck. Unless you suffer from it, you'd never know how debilitating it is. People just don't realise how it impacts on life.

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