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Constipation issues "Daily!"

Someone please offer a solution to my ongoing problem!

I have lost the daily function of my bowels and have to rely on laxatives and suppositories 2 to 3 times per week.

I have tried everything to correct this issue, changing diet, adding veggies, fruit, etc., and NOTHING HAS WORKED!

Recent blood work and internal rectal exam came up NEGATIVE and I still haven't been able to have a normal bowel movement without the help of laxatives.

I am from the USA, now residing in Hungary for awhile and desperately need advice.

Can anyone be of assistance?

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Have you been tested to see if you have coeliac?

Before i was diagnosed i was very much like you in becoming reliant on suppositories. I had no other symptoms of it until i upped my grains/ fibre intake and it went into overdrive, at one stage hadnt ‘been’ for ten days!

In the uk testing is done by blood sample followed by endoscopy, not sure if that would be the same in Hungary if you choose to pursue the possibility.


What is Coeliac?


Its a condition where the villi in your stomach is damaged by eating foods containing gluten ie. bread,cereals, wholegrain and pasta. This in turn can lead to malabsorbsion of vitamins and nutrients needed by our body to function correctly. It can cause numerous symptoms in many people but very few at all in others.

A web search will provide you with probably more info than you would want to read😯


Thank you. Going to Dr on Fri, again, to find a solution.


What is "Coeliac"?


I guess you already eat lots of fiber...

Do you exercise?

If you are in Hungary then try out the bitter mineral waters like Mira, Hunyadi Janos, Ferenc Jozsef. They are contain magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate so they have laxative properties.


I'll try and find that product tomorrow.

The only excercise is from walking my dog and walking thru the local streets of Budapest. Have another Dr appt on Fri to try and resolve this problem.

Thank you


You're welcome!

Try to run with your dog that will shake things up. :)

Also eat plum and plum jam. That's a natural remedy for constipation.


You need to take a high amount of magnesium citrate or oxide. About 800 to 1200mg. I have had Ibs c almost my whole life and am now in my fifties. This is the best natural supplement to take for this condition and I have tried many. Even my consultant recommended it. I take it every day. You must take it on an empty stomach just before bed with lots of water. I would start with a high dose initially just to clear you out. Even if it means taking a few capsules. I sometimes take 6 200mg capsules. Capsules are the best not tablets and it has to be citrate or oxide as these are the ones that work for constipation. There is a lot of information about constipation and magnesium on the internet. There is a site called Ibs tales that discusses this. The ones I take are either Now foods Magnesium citrate, Solgar Magnesium Citrate or Life extensions. I get mine from the US on a site called iHerb, but you can get them on Amazon. There are other magnesium oxide products specifically for colon cleansing called Mag 07, Colosan and Oxypowder. They are a bit expensive but are amazing. I use these in between. No cramps no bloating, just relief. You can get these on Amazon as well. Don't suffer any longer. By the way I also follow a low fodmap diet through a dietician but this alone does not help constipation.


I'm in U.S. and I've had more than one GI doc tell me that high fiber diets are overrated. Said too much fiber can rip through the colon. After seven years of constipation and all the laxatives, I just try warm water enemas. Sometimes works , some times not


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