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IBS in the morning

I have recently been diagnosed and wondered if others have the same thing.. ..

1. I seem to always have a flare up once a week.

2. it is worse in the morning

3. sometimes i need the loo badly within an hour of eating.

However, the last three days I have had it really bad first thing in the morning. so bad in fact that one of the days I really thought it could have been a bug.

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Hi Hidden,

Your symptoms all sound very common (if that helps!) Most people with IBS are usually bothered in the mornings... and its common to have this every day... I think it would help you to keep a food diary, because often there are 'triggers'... and you can experiment with different diet (such as the FOD map diet) which seems to help a lot of people. IBS can 'change' in symptoms from time to time, too... It can be hard, but try not to get too discouraged... a lot of people can and do go 'into remission' or their symptoms ease up.

For me nothing worked as well as going totally grain-free for 6 weeks. ALL grains...we are not talking gluten free (which never helped me) ... and I know it can be challenging (and I felt SO sorry for myself at times!) ...but sometimes you just 'gotta do what you gotta do' as the old saying goes. Good luck to you.


Thank you so much. it most certainly helps to know others have had similar.

I have been doing a food diary for a few months and mamaged to rule out a couple of things. i really hope one day go into remission as I currently dread going to eat out which i used to really enjoying doing as a treat. the only thing that seems safe now is believe it or not mcdonalds!!

Thanks again


Its not to bad if you get an hour after food but if its urgent then it could still be IBS.

If its a bug you will be going constantly !

I have urgent but i often dont make it too loo and have done it in bed or on way too loo.

If I go out wen had evening meal with dog then I go beind trees more than he does.

funny storey : I put it in poo bag and take it home-on way home once a woman said to me " goodness has he done all that !"-I just raised my eyebrows at her-is it that obviouse!

When i got a little further down the road I couldnt stop laghing.

A -real-bag-of-s---

Love s x

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Hehe thanks for sharing your story, not surprised you laughed after wards. Good to hear you arent making it rule your life.

Thats the weird thing. i went about 5 times in two hours one morning, thats why i thought it was a bug. but seems others sometimes have it bad in the morning too. I just find it very frustrating.


To determine a particular food group you need to leave one out f your diet at a time keeping the diary to see what changes there might be, like dairy

I have a dairy intolerance and eat out a lot and have just come back from holiday in France and Italy

Restaurants are very good when you let them know.

When travelling abroad I made up a translation of 'I'm allergic to .......' and showing the card in restaurants gets a sympathetic service. Eurostar even provide special meals when asked

Don't be afraid to say you are intolerant of a food


Great advice, thank you. at the moment I know i need to stay away from milk, cream, brocoli, spices and orange juice. i think some cooking oil too and none brand mayonaise.

I think another thing for me is volume of certain foods. total minefield it seems


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