Chrons or ????

I've been having chronic abdominal hip and bowel pain for 3 years and still yet to have a diagnosis after a recent endometriosis search via laporscopy showed no gynae issues chrons is what my doctor thinks is the next option as diagnosis am already diagnosed with ibs, I'm in severe pain on constant morphine based drugs that's effecting my busy daily life, I have all the chrons "symptoms" but just wanted to ask whether this is normal? I have to walk with crutches when it flares up and struggle to do daily things at 19? Feel my doctors are being very slow at diagnosis so want to understand what's going on myself

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  • my friend has crones and it took them a while-i think its because of state of our NHS tha they cant get around to it.

    Please Email your MP they will help you !

    S x

  • Jst4237 hi I've been having the same problems a pain in my left hip it's so painful I can't walk I all so get it in my right side from time to time it comes mainly of a evening night time,I had a laporscopy for endometriosis to but nothing was found I have all so been diagnosed with IBS first but I'm not sure it's that it's so painful I've been thinking could it be some other kind of disorder but not sure, I have lots of bloating,wind and pain every day I all so have very bad days with pain all day in my tummy but it's a different type of pain to the one in my hip,have you been tested for celiac disease? Can anyone else help?

  • Sorry to hear you've been experiencing such bad pain. Your symptoms sound exactly the same to mine so still not such what it could be. Doctors have mentioned being celiac but no tests yet. I agree that I have different pain in my hips to stomach so perhaps it could be bone related? What have your doctors advised or are doing to diagnose you?

  • Hi jst4237 I've been back to see the doc he wasn't very understanding and didn't listen to everything I said I think because I've been there a lot lately with the same problems,he just told me I have diverliticus but don't see how it could be that when I'm getting it in my right side from time to time an my left side doesn't seem to stop hurting,I don't no what to do it can be so upsetting I feel like I'm getting no where,I just don't see how they are right when the pain doesn't go away 😞 Have you had any look ?

  • That's really sad :( thing is there is no blood test. They have to find it in your digestive tect using a camera and can be missed. I am certain I have it too and am yet to be diagnosed:(

  • most people get the wrong diagnosis and get told its ibs when in reality its crohns. Took me ages to get diagnosed and it can be a reditary in the family also. My sister has it x

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