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Ibs flare or something more?

I've written about this before but I'm now wondering if it's not my ibs set all. On December the 10th 2016 I was going to see family and it's a long journey. I took buscopan as my bowels felt off it and half way through the trip my I've started up so I took an Imodium to be on the safe side. I started getting pain in my upper abdomen when opening my bowels and came here for advice but not much helped. It's now January the 6th 2017 and not much has changed except my bowel movements have become more erratic and the nausea is constant. I had a small lunch christmas day and a little to eat boxing day (so I know I've not over indulged) and have had roughly one meal a day since. I never really feel hungry just full and nauseous, even the thought of my favourite foods makes me nauseous. I take omeprozole for gerd and domperidone for nausea as and when needed(several times a day at the moment). I've had soft stool, normal formed stool and everything in between. There isn't any foods that are worse for me than others so I can eat just about what I want and it either upsets my bowel and stomach or it doesn't. I've given up caffeine and stick to decaf tea,coffee and peppermint tea. I have diverticular disease (yay me) and with is as well there isn't really anything that works for me. I have emetophobia which causes stress and anxiety 24/7 but I know when it's my ibs and not a tummy bug so I can control how my anxiety affects me. I was due to have a small bowel MRI in 2016 for chrons/collitus but couldn't go through with it as the bowel prep makes me too ill so since then I have refused all treatment from my consultant and doctor. I know it's a bit rash but after 24years of being poked and prodded and told it's in my head or there's nothing they can do I decided enough was enough and to go it alone. I limit going out to basic needs like getting shopping and visiting people close by, holidays are a huge problem and socialising is a no no. I'm at the end of my tether (literally) and have hit a brick wall, as my symptoms are getting worse and lasting longer each time. My partner and family understand to a certain degree but not completely, but I know that those of you on here that have managed to get this far reading my moans understand and can help.

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🤗 hugs for you. Yes we all on here can understand each other better as we have similar pains and suffering. Hope all gets better to some point we can manage our small families.


Hi I think YOU MUST bite the bullet and have the tests-you have no life !

Bless You x


I use imodum sparingly. I try to go it alone. I've identified certain foods to avoid. Only eat wholemeal brown bread stay away from dairy stuff and anything hard like fish batter bacon rind. Get a copy of food map that will grade foods for u. Eh milk chocolate no dark chocolate OK.


Hi, I really feel for you. Even though you have said that there doesn't seem to be any one food or more that create symptoms doesn't mean to say that there are foods out there that affect you. After much trial and error (I've had IBS for 20 years now) I found that onions, raw carrots, sweetcorn, wholemeal bread, broccoli, cauliflower and skin on fruit affect me (we are all different so those foods don't affect everyone). I am about to embark on cutting dairy out of my diet as well as I have read on this forum that there are so many people find that dairy affects them.

Also, you really need to bit the bullet and see a specialist and if you aren't happy with the GP you have now then try and change to another GP - I am lucky as mine is very good and listens to me and tries to help as much as he can.

Also, re Emetophobia, I have suffered this for years and had hypnotherapy many years ago which went some way to helping but hasn't cured me. I have actually been worse these past few weeks as I had a tummy bug just before Christmas and it's the first one I've had in many years. Although I seemed to cope with it well at the time it was after I recovered that I was convinced my hubby would get it (he also fears sickness) and all I kept thinking was he would get it or my eldest daughter would get it - it has been ruling my life for around 3 weeks now.

I have come across a book on Amazon which I am going to order (see link below). I have watched 2 of the videos and it looks really promising. If I can cure my Emetophobia then I will feel like I can live again.


Best of luck and I hope that you get some answers and start to improve.


Hi there,

I used to get nausea and feel really full - and I went off my favorite foods too. For me it was because I was't digesting what I was eating. My stomach would churn round and round, I would bloat and feel awful, sometimes for a day, sometimes for several.. If you want to, check out my blog to see if there is anything that inspires you on it: SickofIBS.com

Hope this helps:)



Hi, not intending to sound flippant as I know you've had this a long time but have you had counselling or CBT treatment? I've been referred by my GP and have an assessment appointment today. It sounds like you've tried all sorts of 'physical' things but perhaps your anxiety about your IBS & emetophobia is undermining the physical aids to managing it? In my experience & I'm no expert - I've always been a 'coper' as I've had to just get on with things & I always thought I was doing ok. However since developing IBS I think that its my body's way of saying I'm not coping with all the stresses of everyday life. I'm hoping that this counselling will help me 'cope' with my IBS. Perhaps that's a route you could consider - if you haven't already done so.


I tried CBT IN 2012 but it never really helpedalthough I do do breathing exercises when i need, that help a little. I also went to counselling but again it didn't do much talking to a professional that has never had the same problems only read up on them. I want to try a residential for my emetophobia but there aren't any near me and its really expensive and might not work. I would like to join a group or set one up for both emetophobia and ibs sufferers but again its getting the message out and getting people to come. I do find talking about it helps me and give reassurance that im not mad and both are real problems.


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