Lifelong constipation sufferer

Hi everyone....I stumbled across this forum this morning after yet again searching for a cure for my lifelong constipation..great to find I'm not alone with this miserable infliction😕Have read a few posts on magnesium citrate and am keen to give it a it available at the chemist?and is there a brand that seems to be a better one?

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  • Available at any chemist and no particular brand is best in my experience .You might consider lactulose as a liquid also .Have used both at different times and both effective for me ,though both have side effects .For me mainly wind .

  • Thank you....I've tried lactulose but just gives me wing...I got some mag citrate tablets from Holland and Barrett yesterday but not sure how many I should take,says 3 a day on the bottle

  • Start with 3 and then moderate down as nescessary .Both lac tulle and mag citrate work in the same way by attracting liquid to the colon that bulks and softens stools to aid transit and gut motility .Thatscwhat Gastros have told me ! Both are fairly benign and lactulose is a sugar that is not absorbed in digestion .

  • Thank you. I'll see what the next few days brings

  • Think about NHS Colonic Irrigation daily at home - ask your doctor. Worked for me - 2 years on feel a lot happier.

  • I never knew you could get such a thing on often do you need to use it now Neil?


  • Never heard of that before.. did your gp suggest that or was it your idea.... my daughters ibs and constipation so bad ... her gp been fab but never mentioned home colonic cleansing

  • I have diverticular disease - See your doctor - I was refered to a NHS clinic For this treatment

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