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I had some bloods done and a sample

Sent off and the stool came back as showing inflammation and some

Tumour marker? Showed slightly elivated levels. I now have to go for a camera. I'm so scared I had bc 7 years ago

I have panic attacks and anxiety and I'm not sure I can get myself to hospital or what will happen. He's prescribed diazepam to get me in the car but I will be scared to take it I have a fear of vomiting as I'm

Always sick

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I realise you're scared - I would be too - but you need to take the diazepam and get the tests done. They can also sedate you for the tests. Whatever the problem is will be better dealt with sooner rather than later so please don't delay.

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I had same and had generalised inflammation and markers elevated also blood in the stool, camera showed lots of polyps but not CA so try not to worry hope you will be the same, unlikely to have metastasis in bowel from BC ,not its usual progression to bowel good luck :)

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Me to, tumour markers are present with Pre-cancerous polyps, had my polyps removed and tested, came back nothing to worry about. You must have your tests done, prevention is everything.I wish you lots of luck.


thank you everyone. I know I need to go it's just really difficult for me. am I able to request one of these virtual scans?


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