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Don't Know What to Do With Myself

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I'm extremely scared I have cancer and that the doctor missed something in my colonoscopy. I'm having blood after wiping sometimes, lots of mucus, stomach cramps, pains in my anus. Now I'm getting random pains in my inner thighs which I googled and appears to be lymph nodes. Which is an indication of cancer as well. I'm so scared :( it will be a while until I can get into the doctor. I'm only 20 I don't understand why all of this is happening to me. ;(

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how do you know its Cancer ? did Dr. told you or you just googled & found something that makes you think that you have Cancer ? If Dr. told you, then do not worry there is some evidence & for sure there is some cure as well for that. If you judge on your own, then please talk to Dr., friends, relatives before you take any conclusion.

Im having all of these colorectal cancer symptoms but my colonscopy showed nothing. Yet I still have these symptoms but no answers :( I just feel like it is and I'm very depressed.

My dear friend,

Nothing has happen to you, do not worry over it. Until you don't see any clear evidence, don't take any judgements. I have very bad experiences regarding all these self-doubts in past. Mind keeps on doubting whether I have this or I have that disease. and it brings fear and anxiety. Talk to your family, friends, Doctor first.

Try some breathing exercises that helps to reduce the stress. I practice SKY breathing (google on art of living) everyday which helps me to overcome any stressful situations. It is very powerful technique, it has helped millions around the world. You can google the SKY breathing.

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Go and see your doctor again as soon as possible but 'googling' your symptoms is not a good idea it makes you worry over something that the Consuktant has ruled out at the moment

It's just best to talk to your dr again - ring the surgery to talk over the phine with the dr and you may get seen quickly

At you're age the chance of it being bowel cancer is very slim. The blood may just be from wiping too much. Colonoscopies are very thorough so it's unlikely it's anything too serious. But if you're worried go and speak to your doctor again.

Oh poor you, I can understand you are worried when you see blood. A colonoscopy as said above is very thorough, it is unlikely they would miss it. Your symptoms sound unpleasant and the pains could be just your body protesting and trying it's best to fight them. I hope you feel better soon and please try not to worry xxx

I feel so bad for you. Do you have Hemmoriods? They can cause bleeding. Also, I would talk to your doctor about your concerns. I agree with Carrollar and Ivesy that a Colonoscopy is thorough.

Has the doctor told you that you have IBS. If you do have it . A good website for IBS is "Help for IBS". It is run by Heather Van Doross. She has had IBS for over twenty years. On her website, you can find the latest information about IBS.

The best to you

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Chey921 in reply to jenny89119

No I do not have Hemorrhoids. I have had a colonoscopy and rectal exam, none of which showed them. The doctor has not diagnosed with me anything other than having a constipation issue. He told me if I saw more blood then he would do further testing on me which I will be doing.

I probably have ibs in addition to whatever else is going on with me. I will check out the website.

Thank you.

I usually only go about 3 times a week. I have been constipated throughout my entire life. My GI specialist said Crohn's or UC would have shown up on my colonoscopy, but apparently my colon is "healthy".

Thank you so much for your input! It really put me in a better mood about this situation. I will be going back to my doctor to discuss my symptoms again.

Thank you so much for the information! Will be making major changes to my diet and see if that helps.

Chey921... I am praying for you. Have you had other lab work done? I had a clean colonoscopy and an endoscopy on 10-22-15 and after I felt like dying. I have IBS C and the same symptoms as you. Most days I can't summon the energy to even move and I am a single widowed mom to 5 kids. Turns out, my labs came back and I have both low Vitamin D and absolutely no iron in my body. Those two things may contribute to your leg pain. I know sometimes my thighs feel like I have run a marathon when I have only walked about 50 ft from my kitchen to my living area. It is a struggle and I can relate. Are you taking any daily meds and do you by any chance have acid reflux?? Because I have that as well and when that flared my time in the bathroom appeared to be much like yours. Now, I can't go without meds. Today was day 4 until I took meds this AM...

I hope you feel better

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Chey921 in reply to vabowen300

I have had blood work done but nothing significant.. Thank you it is a daily struggle worrying about these pains.. I hope you feel better as well

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