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Very swollen bowel

Hi all,

4 days since my last update, still haven't been to the toilet despite further changes to my diet and laxative routine...

The swelling at the bottom of my stomach is beginning to get so bad I'm looking pregnant, and thats not a good look for someone still in school! Others are beginning to notice as well which is making me feel very self-conscious.

I was just wondering, even though 4 days is pretty normal for me to not go to the toilet at the moment, how long is it before it becomes dangerous not to empty your bowels? Any ideas?

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I was hospitalised after 5 days of not going because they suspected a blockage. Luckily it wasn't anything 'nasty' and they cleared me out with medicine, but kept me in for monitoring, followed a week or so later by a sigmoidoscopy.

Have you seen your GP? What laxatives are you taking? - fibre ones are no good if you are blocked. Try Movicol or lactulose. Drink plenty of water.

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Hi ,

I had this problem of not going to the toilet for a week, or maybe once if I'm lucky. It started to get me worried because even If I visit a toilet, I then struggle to take it out (you know what I mean). I had to push very hard, and only for one small piece of sh*t to come out. so, I researched more than 6 months. I got many solution, but none really worked for me, only one tried/ seemed to be working, which was the capsuled named "colon ecology", I was able to go to the toilet with this pills, but I had to rely/ depend on them, they are a bit expensive. once I finished them, the problem just got bigger and worse.

This is strange because I eat the same food as my little brother and my sisters. but they don't experience the problem I have. They use a toilet every day.

Now Working solution found. I stated to digging more on the web. And I came across an article that consist of " a lemon has the fluid needed by your digestion system ......." blablabla. But I cannot remember the source and all the details. I then tried to buy a lemon juice (un-mixed), As you can guess (it did not work, and it does not taste nice, then I quitted it, this was 6 months ago),

HOWEVER, 3 weeks I found myself relieved. I just went to a shop and buy sirjuice.co.za/product/reta...

Its just a nice juice, I'm sure its the one that helped me.

the first day I bought 2 of them, I noticed a difference on my toilet going. the following day, I did the same, for 3 days, afterwards, I just buy 1 (once a day). from then, I can now go to the toilet twice a day, sometimes once a day.

I don't know what it did to my body, but for me, this did help me. I found myself going to the toilet twice a day, the very same day i drink this juice. I did not know it will solve the issue I had. I was just avoiding a cool drink since it make me stink after drinking it. S i tot a juice will be fine. so I tot I must share this information with you who have the same problem. I think I must say that I'm from SA and the shops selling this juice is (pick'n pay, foodlovers, checkers, etc).

Just try it, It might save someone's life here.

I just hope it helps


Hi I have suffered with chronic IBS since I was a child. I am 43 now and still it plagues my life, I have every sympathy for you, especially the 'looking pregnant' situation, my kids often take the mickey out of mums 'fat tummy'.

Now I do think your parent/carer should probably take you to the doctor for a check up, just to rule out anything more serious, can you talk to them about how you are feeling?? if not then speak to someone at school.

Constipation is usually related to not drinking enough every day, you need to drink at least 2 litres of fluid (not fizzy) fizzy drinks cause excess gas in the gut and bowel causing pain and can contribute to constipation. do you eat enough roughage? fruit, veg, cereals etc? how much exercise do you do daily? a good brisk walk, cycle, swim is good for getting bowels moving.

Sometimes it doesn't matter what you eat or drink it can just be your bowel doesn't function properly! but the doctor needs to look at the causes. Anxiety can also affect your bowel so its good to talk things through with someone if you feel that could be the case.

Before you start taking over the counter remedies please get checked out properly as you could cause more damage to your bowel.

There are things you can take like lactulose (you MUST drink lots if taking lactulose otherwise it wont work or just cause further cramps!!!) The most popular and safest treatment being used at the moment seems to be movicol, it can be bought over the counter but needs to be prescribed by a doctor if you are under 12.

Hope things improve for you soon

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I would see your GP ASAP. If you are having a lot of pain it would be better to go to A&E and get a scan. Better safe than sorry. You might have a blockage or a stricture in your bowel. This can be dangerous.

Wishing you well.


Most likely your rectum is now impacted with hard stool. The only way to shift this is with suppositories or a small enema.


How are you getting on, Louise? Have you found an effective treatment yet?


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