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Stomachache after 2 to 3 day more motions and stomach pain

Stomachache after 2 to 3 day more motions if it does control then my is increasing and I am getting continuous vomitings. I can only be normal after admit hospital and taking pain killer injects etc... This happens to me 7 times so worried about my health.

Please suggest me how can i avoid this problem.

Last time I did all medical check up while suffering from stomach ache and as per reports i dont have any problem.

If you want i can send my report.

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Its very rare to vomit with ibs but it sounds like you have norovirus, also known as winter vomiting bug or gastroenteritis. Do you work in an indoor environment with children or the elderly? If so that could be your cause. It's spread by poor hand hygiene. You ingest the virus unknowingly so wash you hands under running water using soap for at least 20 seconds. If it is norovirus you will feel better within a week but you will only be immune to the strain you have for about 4 weeks after symptoms stop so you can get it again.


Sorry for late reply. I'm working in IT Company. It very hygiene place. I found too much oil generating from my head. It smells very bad. And my normal bowl moment is 3. Is this good?


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