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I suffered with IBS for 10 years and lost a lot of weight/muscle tone as a result. On changing GP after house move, I discovered my GP had also been a sufferer. He recommended I try Selenium with Zinc. You can get these at Holland & Barrett. I had nothing to lose and gave it a whirl. Within 3 weeks I had my life back; it was pretty incredible. Obviously, this may not work for everyone, but if you suffer, it is certainly worth a try. I also packed in smoking - a major trigger for me. After taking these supplements for a few years, I am now completely free of IBS. I really hope this helps some of you.

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Hi Christine -

That's great to hear!

What type of IBS did you have?

I have IBS-C but mainly abdo bloating


Painful cramps (curled up in a ball and wanting your mum type cramps!) and I'm not soft! squits, constipation (sometimes up to 9 days), fatigue. I didn't realise there were different kinds of IBS. Working out your diet definitely helps, but also if you are smoker, that can be a trigger too.


I also suffered from IBS related condition for many years and recently owing to high sugar levels have changed my diet so now no free sugar plenty of fruit and assorted nuts As a result I have had no recurrence of the rehabilitating condition


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