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Try this refreshing cuppa

Hi I found out that caffeine drinks are known to cause cramping in your gut so being a big tea drinker I had to find a alternative, I now get a slice of lemon and squeeze it into my mug, a small piece of root ginger chopped add that as well and pour over your boiled water and leave while you make your breakfast it's done the trick for me, you can add sugar to sweeten if you need to.

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i was the same ." first tea coffee then the milk .! Lactose all wrong .! the Water is causing it .! it reacts with all these .! but not the tea .! Giardiasis its in the water. Contaminated Water .!


The stemed ginger works for me also but as for the hot lemon drink my advice would be to drink through a straw - lemon is very harsh on the enamel on your teeth.

Well that's what my dentist advices.

Thanks for suggestions they all help on those challenging days!!!


I've always been a big tea drinker, so I just drink de-caffeinated tea now, most of the top brands eg Yorkshire Tea, Typhoo, Tetley all do a de-caffeinated version & , in my opinion, you can't tell the difference from the normal tea.


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