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All this heat????

I will defiantly mention this to the Dr next week but just wanted to hear your opinions. My IBS D and wind normally flare uip with caffeine, greasy fatty food and when I'm most anxious or nervous. But I've had a mini flare up with this hot weather and my tummy ALWAYS plays up on holiday. Could heat be affecting my IBS as well??? I thought it was mainly food and drink. Is it possible that I now have to add heat to my list.

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Dehydration? Or drinking too much water to compensate? Or eating different food in the hot weather? Maybe you're not getting enough sleep; the effort to force myself out of bed and to start the day when I'm tired can often make me feel anxious.


I wondered that myself recently as i live in china and it has been SO hot, and now my IBS is flaring up! although its cooled down and hasn't gone away so i am thinking that it is not heat related! Maybe heat could cause it, perhaps if you are feeling over hot and thats stressing you out that could be the cause ? IBS often flares up on holiday due to the different bacteria and types of food! Also it can be some slight nerves due to travelling! Try bimuno travel aid - i believe it saved me when i travelled around south east asia! hope this helps :)


Well I'm going to go doctors on Monday to get something to settle my belly while I'm away so fingers crossed. I'm so glad I'm not the only one :-)


In the heat avoid cold drinks ,they reduse the efficacy of your digestive juices,sip warm weak tea or tissane.Yes you will sweat but that is good,wipe it away with a flannel.Hug the shade ,wear cotton and a brimmed hat.Breath more slowly.

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Yes! Heat and high humidity ALWAYS affect my issues negatively. I hate summer, in fact, for this very reason.


Thank gosh thought it was just me with a crazy stomach


Nope. You're not alone. I'm crazy too. 😉

I'm joking around with you here but honestly there have been many days when I've felt that I just can't take it anymore.

I'm sorry that you suffer even more in the heat. I'm not sure if the barometric pressure has something to do with it or if the heat and humidity are just more dehydrating or what. I can never figure out my triggers, though. I am down to about 3-4 "safe" foods that I eat in small quantities over and over and over again, and I still get really bad episodes all the time.

I wish I could offer you some good advice, but if possible stay in air conditioned places or have a fan blowing on you. Also, you'll find that if you take a damp cloth and wet your skin, and THEN sit in front of a fan, you'll actually almost be too chilly!

Don't do too much outside activity in very hot weather either

That's about the best I can offer.

Wishing you miracles!


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