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Ok so I am 19 and I have had chronic dyspesia around my stomach area for 7 months now. During the first few months it was the worst time of my life, I couldn't grasp the feeling of breathing deeply but doctors checked my breathing and it was fine. It's made my life into a early life crisis. My stomach constantly feels tight 24/7 and I burp constantly and I have devloped insomnia and miss eating the foods I love so much now that I'm scared to eat anything. I'm burping right now and can't sleep. It feels like someone is holding my stomach and pressing on it constantly. It always happens in the mornings when I wake up.

I've gone to the doctor and they have done a ultrasound, xray, and barium swallow and found nothing.

I was very healthy before I became ill. I played sports, ate great food, and am gluten-free for years. Now I have gained weight and I'm hating my life.

It has lessened over that time and came and gone. Have any of you cured your dyspesia? If you did, how so? Thank you all.

I have tried supplements such as magnesium, DGL, zinc, garlic, probitoics, Berberine, bee pollen, royal honey, black charcoal, vitamin A, multivitamins, and etc. Nothing worked at all execept for digestive enzymes for a good stretch a time but then they stopped working one day and I'm baxk to being ill.

I don't feel any pain but sometimes I can't breath and I feel I am really losing my mind. Please help me.

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I think you have become so stressed that you may be suffering from anxiety. This can affect your stomach and make you think too much about the way you breathe. Try relaxation lessons or classes. Eat smaller meals and eat slowly. Massage your tummy gently and try putting a warm pad or hot water bottle on it to relax the muscles.

You could also try the FODMAP diet. Good luck !


I wish it was. But I feel this even when I am not stressed. I'm thinking about going to rehab and getting treatment. Maybe I have some neurological chemical imbalance in my brain.


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