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I started having upper left abdominal pains below my left breast. I believe I may have IBS-C because I hardly have a bowel, maybe every 2-3 days which i know is not good but just last month I woke up with sharp shooting pains that took me to the ER (4 times) in one month 4 cat scans and 5 xrays. Endoscopy and colonoscopy and they didnt find anything. I havent been able to eat cause as soon as I eat I get severely bloated and sharp shooting pains on my left side starts to inflame and I constantly start burping profusely and get heart palpitations. My GI dr can not figure out what it is and this has been going on for over a month. Can anyone please please help...

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  • Maraliegh 68, don't worry about not having bowel movement every day, some people don't ,my wife doesn't ,sounds like you got Hiatus Hernia, burping is one of the symptons,that's a hole in the gut and all your bowel waste pushes into the hole,feel your waist top of your tummy you may have a swelling, your diet should be no fat,skimmed milk, no sugary food,eat fresh fruit, blueberries helps the bloating, rice cakes plain, my wife has HH ,drink plenty of water, let me know how you get on ,on this page from my ipad

  • Have you been checked out for endometriosis this sounds simular to what my daughter has have they checked for cysts or have you got colitis or croans disease

    Sounds like this needs further investigation hope you find out what it is.

  • Sorry I can't be of much help. My colonoscopy showed up nothing either and I have been suffering most of my life with my stomach and bowel. Stress is my biggest enemy!! I drink lots of water before I go to bed which seems to help and do exercises in the morning, nothing too strenuous. Eat plain food, rice, chicken, olive oil, lactose free milk. I tried the Fodmap Diet but it didn't work. I try my best to be gluten free. It all depends on the day. Good luck X

  • As soon as i want a poo i kniw because i shake& have palpitations!! Doctor thinks i.m nuts!! Have you tried glycerine suppositries?? Very gently& very good.x

  • Sorry you have been feeling this way . Not sure we can help but have you done tests to check for bacteria and parasites ?

    Like H pylori for example or giardia. Or any stool test to check for bacterias, parasites etc...

    In my case that's what caused the bloating and burping and all kinds of nasty symptoms and it's easily treated.

    You can also benefit on going on a low FODMAP diet . Look it up and cut out or reduce garlic and onion, wheat and dairy for like a week or two and see if that makes things better .

    As for constipation in my case milled linseed a spoon a day with loads of water and a tablet of magnesium citrate before bed helped massively .

    Good luck .

  • I had this. I had been diagnosed as having ibs decades ago, and just coped for all that time...without boring you with my life story, I found out through a process of elimination that I'm actually gluten intolerant, and not very good with lactose either. Now I've sorted those two (gluten betting the prime problem) the pain you described has gone, I've got more energy, and the joint pain that was creeping in has all but gone too!

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