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Amatryptaline works for some,not all

I tried it for pains in my arms and may have been ok for my IBS too,but I got drousy,light headed,palpitations but when I started feeling morbid, i stopped them because as an anti depressant I should not have felt the opposite way - but other people I know say they take them at night for a good sleep,but when my mind gets active at night and with wild dreams and hallucinations,made me feel exxhausted the following day....so good for some...but not for me.....

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I trired it to. It never worked for me. I still had pains in my arm and neck. Didnt make me sleep as well. Only getting 3 hours a night. Ibs still bad at the moment. Hope u feel better soon.


I came off those for exactly the same reason!! Awful!! Never again!!

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Started them 10 days ago, waking up more than usual and having 2or3 weird dreams every night and feeling more tired in the morning. How long did you all take them for before giving them up?


I took them for 6 weeks with same weird dreams and feeling exhausted and down in the dumps..not a good way to feel,so ditched them as they weren't doing anything positive for me - some people swear by them though, and everyone can respond differently.


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