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Are some Fodmap accepted fruits not for everyone

I recently read that Cantaloupe melons were OK for IBS sufferers, though any other sort certainly is no good for me; so I tried Cantaloupe.

Sorry to say that within the hour I had to abandon plans and get back to the loo. Just how that can work so quickly is a mystery to me but now I know that we are all so different with this condition and it seems to be that a trial is needed for each person.

Incidentally I stopped red wine, cheese and chocolate a month ago and have ceased to have migraine :-)

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Hi John,

I've been doing FODMAPs for 6 months now and you're right, everybody is so different with their intolerances that you have to make your own adjustments as you go along. I can't eat any type of melon either (sadly) nor grapes, nor can I cope with rice and its derivatives or oats. Although FODMAP is a good framework to work with, I think you just have to keep finding your own way with it.


I agree. I avoid 2 of the food groups, including the one with melon :( but find I can eat small amounts of some of the foods in the broccoli, e.g., onion if well cooked and in combination as in a sauce.


Hi paganmoon. I believe that any of these diets need to be adapted to the individual. There is no one size fits all. I cannot eat melons of any sort without getting adverse reactions. A grandchild of mine gets skin reaction around the mouth on eating melon, but apparently that doesn't necessarily mean his insides can't tolerate it according to a doctor, even though he has IBS symptoms! (I have my doubts on that score but as I have no training or medical qualifications perhaps I should not write this).


I definitely think you should be writing your own thoughts on IBS stuff as they're probably more valid than many medical opinions. It's we who've done all the research on the subject after all!


I have found that I have issues with oranges and similar fruits, which are deemed same on the diet, I think it's a lot of trial and error. But it's good that you can pinpoint it to a specific food!


have you come across the book eat right for your type.....maybe melon is not good for you.


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