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abdominal cramps causing me to dribble a little pee

Hi Folks,

I have suffered from ibs/d for 8 years since i had salmonella.

Does anyone loose a little urine (small amount) when the lower abdominal cramps are bad? Im taking buscopan and soluble fibre which help but every so often when ive eaten something like chocolate or drank pepsi the bloating and cramps are awful and in turn i dribble a v small amount of pee.

id love to know if anyone has similar symptoms

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It could be that you have a weakened pelvic floor muscles. It is worth asking your doctor for advice on this. It is very common to have a bit of urine leakage - especially for women. You could wear a sanitary pad that will absorb it if you are worried.

Michelle Kenway has a website with lots of good info. for strengthening them - you can do the exercises when you are feeling OK if your doctor agrees.

Obviously not when you are in pain, and as long as you haven't damaged your muscles badly in childbirth or anything else.

Copy and paste the following websites:

Check whether you should do pelvic floor exercises first:


Ideas about pelvic floor incontinence:



I have had issues with my pelvic floors! and i never thought to think that maybe its linked to all my bowel troubles! i have a very slight vaginal prolapse and i went through a phase of as soon as i would need a wee it would be right there ready to dribble out, but id usually manage to stop it! So i do the whole stop start thing when i pee and i have a keggle that my doctor recommended me! also lots of sec helps as well haha - Your doctor can have a look / feel and tell you if things seem loose! but maybe try and work your pelvic floors and you may notice a difference! Everything is linked down there to certain extent i suppose ! Hope it improves soon!


Minafox Thanks for your reply. Did you find that the exercises made the difference? I've started doing them again this week so hopefully things will improve. I've also got a uti so that won't help matters!


Oh ye 100% doing my pelvic floors has helped a lot! i also used to push my pee out super fast haha but now i try and be slower and do the stop start - not as easy as i live in china and my school only has squat toilets lol and they are easier if you pee fast! but i dont have the weeing urgency anymore :) - I havent really had time to use the Keggle but if you do have time i think its great for the muscles as well (as good as an active sex life lols) UTI also wont be helping :( awful things! I'll cross my fingers you feel better soon :)


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