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Strain even when BMs soft

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Does anyone else have this problem? When I tell medics I often have to strain to pass a bm they assume I have hard, pellety motions - in fact they are usually quite soft. I struggled to pass anything today but was very conscious that there was something there to pass - ended up having to use a glycerine suppository to get things moving. Diet doesn`t seem to make any difference. I have tried magnesium citrate but can only take a very small amount or end up having to rush to the loo

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I am new to all this... I have had the same... 😣

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Hi janke,

I too have a similar problem and, like you, I've always met with a blank stare from medics when I've tried to explain things. I think you'll find, though, that there are quite a few people on here who experience a similar issue.

I find that taking 1 sachet of Movicol at bedtime usually works for me. When I first started on it, it really made me sprint to the bathroom first thing in the morning, but after a few days things settled down. I still have to move quite quickly when I get the urge to 'go', but at least everything usually clears out in 1 or 2 trips.


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Thanks Pagan - I have tried Movicol sometime ago and didn`t find it helpful but perhaps it is time to try again. I do find that a lot of things make me switch to full-blown diarrhoea though - it`a really hard to get the balance right

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ellwoolly in reply to janke

I can identify with the possibility and or concern that I will induce diarrhoea if I don't get the balance right and that usually makes me think twice about taking anything at all which in itself is unhelpful. hey ho it makes for a rich life!!

I have this also. I've been told it's a lack of fibre and to try fybogel but I'm scared to take it incase it makes me worse!

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janke in reply to Rubynoodles37

It`s worth trying Ruby but it didn`t help me. I feel this is more about needing to speed up my guts rather than putting more stuff into them!

Have same thing.

Me too - I struggle with this daily and am often in great discomfort. It's as if the former muscular urge has forgotten how to work to empty the bowel properly. I end up straining which is counter productive. Deep breathing helps - fybogel causes gridlock for me but works for some - yakult and bio yoghurt sometimes help. Wish I could be of more help.

Another symptom which doesn't seem to be taken seriously - I have this every day. Movicol has its limitations because it makes bm's thin and so harder to get out even though they are soft. And then after a few days of only half a sachet at bedtime it gives me urgent D. Magnesium gives me bad cramps and terrible D even at doses of 375mg. I think it's a muscle or nerve problem - but I have really no idea!

I have been the same and when I don't strain the pain lasts for hours, probably due to previous straining leaving me feel anxious and nauseated and not wanting to eat. I daren't take pain killers as I fear it will worsen the situation.

Any solutions anyone?

thanks everyone - at least it is good to know I am not alone. Doctors` only solution seems to be to take something like fybogel. Or when I tried to explain that I need to go 4 or 5 times a day but can only pass a small amount each time I was told to take loperamide routinely - which I know gives me severe constipation!

I am now coming off amitriptyline which I have been on for years and I now suspect has made me worse. And I am making more effort to get proper exercies daily to see if that gets things moving! I`ll let you know if it helps

Look into getting Peristeen by coloplast

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janke in reply to Susan1-2

I`ve done that - it didn`t help me unfortunately

Did you try biofeedback to understand how your muscles are working?

Ask your doctor to see a physiotherapist and see if you can strengthen your sphincter muscles. Also, you may have a rectocele.

I had 5 months with a physio who specialises in bowel and bladder problems and bio-feedback - did bowel irrigation and various exercises. Have also been checked for a rectocele. Sadly nothing made a difference.

GP recently commented that the sphincter muscles are quite tight (which is causing backache) so I don`t think they need strengthening further!

Antispasmodic? Hicosomine or Bental maybe would help.

Check for entercele

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Hi Janke, my urologist recommended MiraLax. For me this was great, the cap is for measuring, mix with water, does not have a taste, the water looks clear. My bm’s We’re smooth, no straining, easy going. You can take it at night, this gives your system time to relax, it should work by morning or a little later. It is expensive, use the generic. Happy pooping

I get the same problems and as others have said it's as if the bowels have lost the ability to work or push properly

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