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New 'IBS' - No pain, but loose bowel and frequent flare ups, seeking advice and sharing info

Hello everyone, I would like to see what everyone can recommend with my current issues in regards to IBS;

Background info:

I may have developed a habit since 2011/2013, the most memorable one was how I occasionally needed to go to the bathroom (number 2) while eating breakfast (I eat around 10 minutes after I wake up) - not paying much attention to that strange habit, I just shrugged it off as it didn't affect my lifestyle significantly and was easy to work around.

Only around 2014-2016 (now) has it worsened, every day regardless of having breakfast or not, I would need to go to the bathroom twice to release my bowels - strangely enough, my first stop to the bathroom will be fairly solid, and around 10-30 minutes later, I would need to go again, but this time it will be half solid and wet, kind of like diarrhea. But that's not it, around 90% of the time, after a meal (or even worst, sometimes during the meal) I would feel like I need to go (it flares up after/during eating) and release my bowels again, meaning I could visit the bathroom up to 5 times a day.

Another notable thing is that ever since I was young, I never drank much water, maybe usually around 3 cups a day (around 250mL) - this is also mainly due to me not be as active, as I am usually on my computer or watching TV. Also, sometimes when I drink a cup of water, I feel like I have a really shy bladder as well, as sometimes I would need to pee only 30 minutes after drinking such a small amount, and my urine is white 90% of the time (even with such small amount of volume consumed).

I have read some others IBS patients, and one thing I don't have over some of them is that I don't experience pain, instead I experience inconvenience as I could flare up at any moment (other then after eating); this is especially more prominent when I am moving around (so walking from A to B), and sitting down or passing gas tends to help keep it in (it is really ineffective these days, so it may only slightly reduce the urges).

Something interesting things about the past around 2011 and 2012, I used to have tuition that lasted 3 hours, and I didn't like to use their bathrooms, so whenever I had the urge, I could actually hold it back, but as a result, when I release my bowels at home, it would just become watery diarrhea.

Right now, I am 21, I have acne (before this year my face was fine) and my diet has been generally the same since 2011, which is mainly consisted of rice, green vegetables and mainly lean meat such as pork. I used to be allergic to sunny side egg (raw yolk), which caused me to vomit, but now I can consume it without feeling sick. I am also slightly lactose intolerant. Lastly, if it makes any difference, I am Asian and that my weight has stayed consistent (with my diet).

Lastly, something I think is worth mentioning is that my mood also affects my flare ups. When I am feeling really stressed, or something really important is coming up, or I feel embarrassed, or I feel shy, this tends to significantly increase flare ups. So I was thinking it may be linked to anxiety as well, which triggers my need to go to the toilet. Some examples include exam periods, I am always going to the toilet, around every 1-2hrs (to do number 1 though), and when I meet someone important/intimidating, I will feel like I need to do number 1 or 2.

Doctors suggestions:

My doctor suspected that I may have IBS, and has prescribed me various medicines. Firstly, he prescribed me buscopan - as that had little effect. The reason why he prescribed me this was to address my 'fast digesting body', although he did make a comment on how a body normally cannot digest food that quickly (after a meal). But as I said, it did have little effect (sometimes really effective) as it did seem to slow down the digestion, but I didn't really want to accept this as a final solution as it was a gamble.

He prescribed me amitriptyline afterwards which seemed to affected my mood making me feel more indifferent (I guess it's because its generally used to treat depression), but it seemed to have slightly less effect as buscopan, and again, too much of a gamble, as it only slightly reduced probability of flare ups.

Most currently, I have been prescribed mebeverine which apparently is more similar to buscopan and a common medicine for IBS related symptoms. So far, I haven't seem much significant effect, so I'm planning to see my doctor soon in regards to that, but we have discussed my situation, and he's not too sure what to do as well.

Thank you if you have read this all, and can suggest or just generate a discussion, anything is appreciated. Feel free to ask anymore questions too, I tried to be as elaborate as possible. I'm looking forward to everyone's response, and I hope we can all find a solution together.

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Really interesting post. I can relate. I'm a young man and have had ibs for the past 5 years or so. I don't really experience pain with it, more nausea and urgency to go. It definitely can be relate to anxiety. For instance I always flare up whilst travelling, at the airport or out of my normal routine.

I've take amitriptyline for the past 5 years and all in all it has helped. I'm able to live a relatively 'normal' life with the odd flare up here and there. Have you spoken to your doctor about any of this?


I have the same problem when it comes any type of travelling, tube, train & planes. I'm more focused on if I need to go where is the closest toilet, also large crowds in close proximity. I begin to hyperventilate. The doctor has prescribed me seroxat for axiety and lomotil for when I get diarrhoea. Whilst on the meds I'M ok with occasional bouts of diarrhoea.


Actually I can see that you have spoken to your doctor. It may be worth being referred to a gastroenterologist to investigate further. Might help you put your mind at rest.


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