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Is this actually IBS flare up?


I've recently had 3 bouts of awful stomach cramps, diarrhoea, sulphur burps and one episode that included vomiting. The first episode was after a weekend of eating foods I shouldn't (curry and onion soup), I just didn't realise. I was diagnosed with IBS after a long period of work related stress, followed by a sudden change in diet, and given no information at all (granted I didn't look for information either, but at the time my symptoms were very minor and I knew what set them off).. and it just seems to be getting worse this past few months. I've had a further two episodes around every other week since, always at or after the weekends, and have had to take time off work. I wake up in the night with a stomach ache, and it just gets worse from there. It's similar to having a tummy bug, and the second episode the sulphur burps and smell of what was coming out of my rear end resulted in vomiting. I've had a third episode this morning, and again have had to take today off work. No vomiting this time, but awful cramps, diarrhoea, and sulphur burps. I've been up for 7 hours now and only managed 2 pieces of toast and mint tea.

I've made an appointment with my GP in the hope I will be referred to a specialist dietitian, but it's not for a week yet.

Does this sound like IBS flare ups? I've only had wind, bloating and minor cramps before, nothing like this (and I've suffered those symptoms most of my adult life). Does anyone have any advice on what I can do in the meantime to help my stomach? I follow a vegan diet, and struggle to find meals that aren't high in fructans, so I really have no idea what to do if these severe episodes continue.

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Sorry to hear you're struggling. If you need help and support with your IBS we are here

Honestly I'm not to sure as I struggle with the same. You might need to see a specialist IMMEDIATELY. I had suffer burps diarrhea and vomiting for 3 years straight almost every few months. After that I suddenly started ending up in the hospital in severe conditions from throwing up to much and etc, just this past 3 months. And I heard from somebody that suffer burps are a bad sign and it will get worse and you can even die from it. After hearing this and then having this happen to me, I'm scared. Beyond scared. I'm only 18 years old, and this person who died from it was only 17. Lifes not fair. Check out my post all about what's been happening to me.

Hi there, the burps don't mean I'm going to die (or you):

They can be a sign of an underlying condition that should be treated, but I can't find any evidence that they are a risk to life.

My god, you really were tempting fate eating curry and onions. Yes, that would do it. If you have IBS then you just can't eat that stuff. You need to follow the low Fodmaps diet, don't eat fruit, even banana and avoid rougher until your bowels recover from the irritation. A bland diet for a whIle. I can't take ANY spices even pepper. Dont eat garlic either.vHave you also tried excluding dsiry for a couple of weeks to see if you are intolerant. Jope you feel better soon.

Hi, thank you. I don't eat dairy as I am mostly vegan (the only non-vegan food I eat is fish), but will definitely look into the low FODMAP diet and get the appropriate advice from a dietician. I've been eating these types of foods more regularly this past year, and think I have made my condition worse.

Hi, unfortunately, a vegan diet is not really that suitable for an IBS sufferer. I cant eat any veggies other than baby carrots and potatoes. A big no no is fizzy drinks of any kind and alcohol. A very good dietician gave some very good advice, she said not to eat fruit at all because it's too acidic for the stomach and if I really had too then just half a banana now and then. (No wine) She said eat low fodmaps veggies which is limiting. It inclues some lettuce, spinach, carrots green beans and potatoes. Lentils and beans and seeds are a real no no along with all onion family and garlic. No crucible veggies which means veg that has a four petal flower....cauliflour, broccoli, sprouts and others. It's about being strict with yourself and your diet. If you get flare ups, then look at what you have eaten and exclude it. It's about the choice between life free of pain or agonising, debilitating pain and the runs.

I have an extremely limiting diet but it keeps me regular and pain free. I do miss a lot of food like chocolate but it's worth it. I'm dairy intolerant and yeast. Thats difficult because it means i can eat out anywhere.

Thank you. It's such a shame as I have been vegan for years, and although I've had the rumbles, and some instances of trapped wind and loose stools, I haven't had episodes like this before. I love fruit and vegetables, and would prefer to eat some if I can (I've eaten a banana every day for years, and not had problems), but like you've said I 100% do not want to suffer like I do when I have these episodes. At the moment I think onions are my main trigger. I wonder, how to you get sufficient vitamins and minerals?

Don't worry about getting vitamins, you can take supplements. I don't eat fruit at all and only carrots as veggies and becsuse of another condition, i have regular blood tests and my vitamin levels always come back fine.

That's reassuring, thank you.


Hi there, if you are struggling we are here to help.

I am already registered, thank you.

IBSNetworkAdministrator in reply to LilMissBear

That's great. Remember you can call our helpline and access our self-care programme or put a question to one of our IBS experts.

Hello, thankyou for your advice. I am quite lucky in that I don't experience any anxiety related to my current job, so think I must just be overdoing it with foods that aren't suitable for me.

Hi LilMissBear. Found an article you might find helpful:

It is possible to live a vegan lifestyle with ibs but at the same time you have to work out what is right for your body. Try to get referred to a dietician by your gp and discuss it with them

Good luck x

Thankyou, much appreciated. I have managed to find some information on YouTube as well, and some people who are vegan and have IBS are managing their diets and condition well. I'll definitely have a read of that article. I am seeing my GP on Monday and will definitely be requesting a referral.


Hi there,

Just a reminder that this is a supportive community. We encourage debate and discussion but in a positive and supportive way.

Thanks for your understanding.

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