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Not feeling great: emotionally and physically


Came across this forum during a flare up. It's happening now, it's been happening all day. I feel like I might cry, is that normal? Feel really nauseous, I'm not sure which end I should target at the loo, grim sorry but it's the truth. Sorry guys I'm just feeling really down about it-its so annoying I just want to get on with my evening :( does anyone have any tips on how to deal with this?


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I have just come across this tonight too after suffering since the early hours of this morning. I usually tend to suffer through the night but today has been ongoing, even having to cancel plans. Today I have drank lots of water but anything I have eaten has resulted in stomach cramps and bloating and literally running to the toilet I am now using a hot water bottle, simple I know but it seem to have eased off this evening. Hope you feel ok soon :)


I've just had a week of horrendous diarrhoea and lethargy way beyond what I'm used to with ibs. It was so extreme I think it may have been a bug. I started to get really really down towards the end of the week. I had stuff to do but everything felt like such a struggle, I was anxious to go anywhere too far from the loo and worst of all I had my son home from school due to summer hols and he was totally bored so I felt really guilty that I wasn't able to play with him either.

When you're well you take your health for granted but when you get a flare up its so hard to focus on anything else. It's bound to affect mood. I was in tears with frustration and exhaustion on Friday. Thankfully I'm feeling better now and I'm praying it was just a blip.

I hope you guys get better soon. Are you taking any thing to ease symptoms? Ibs is notoriously linked to anxiety, depression just due to the debilitating and constant nature of it. Take care, you're not alone X

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I send you a gentle hug and sympathy...so very much hope you feel better VERY soon. Been sick all day, too... I never should have cancelled my dr appt. cuz I was feeling better...Will KEEP the next one.

You take good care... I know it gets discouraging... just have to keep hoping for a better tomorrow.

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Nausea sometimes due to swallowing air,force toast or banana down.!


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