A little advice anyone?

Hi all, hope everyone is doing as best as we can.

I'm just writing for advice. I had a bad tummy bug which caused ibs "d" to go through the roof last week. Never had anything like it.

Since then tho I've been exhausted but thought I was getting a little better. But then today after showering I just couldn't move with exhaustion and fatigue. It was sickening and I wasn't Ike this yesterday.

Is this common? Has anyone else experienced this after a bug?

I should mention my tummy has settled but this evening is feeling a little dodgy. And with a health phobia and anxiety I'm really kinda frightened here that it's "coming back" or who knows what!?

Any help advice wud be appreciated.

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  • Ps I should also mention that I was feeling better yesterday and even this morning.

  • Hi....

    I get an awful kind of- all over body cramp after a shower,it takes a good few mins to ease enough that I can walk to the bed.

    I have ibs (d) but also M.E. and it's that causing this problem.

    Hope you are feeling a little better now. 🌝

  • Ive looked at your previous posts and see you suffer.

    Has your gp done bloods recently which include thyroid and B12?

    Take a look at the symptoms for these deficiencies and see if you have any relevant ones. Both of these are often missed by drs.

  • Hi Lisahelen, I have problems with vitamin B12 levels, possibly due to the Omeprazole I take for acid due to a hiatus hernia.

    Does low B12 have something do do with my IBS-d?

  • There is a possible link especally if you have been on it long term.

    Are you self diagnosed or gp? Because b12 and omeprazole dont make a good marriage.

  • My hernia was diagnosed at an endoscopy two years ago. I have managed to get the omeprazole down to 20mg day and will be trying for 10mg soon. My doc gives me routine blood tests, the low B12 comes up in those, she also diagnosed Gilbert's Syndrome (inability to process all bilirubin). I had a bone density scan last Thursday as I know Omeprazole can interfere with calcium levels. I just wondered if low B12 was known to be associated with IBS-d?

  • Can i ask you to post this within the pericious anemia site there are some extremely knowledgable people who will be able to say.

    I can only say that i personally suufer worse ibsd symptoms when my b12 level has dropped. It was how i originally got b12 diagnosis

  • Will do, think I'll go back to doc too.

  • Hi will.i think as the person above.i hope your feeling alot better now.if not its another trip to the drs.i know how u feel cos i seemed i was always at drs.let me know how you go.

  • I think it is probably quite common to feel exhausted with IBS. I feel exhausted and nauseous most mornings until bm's s have finished. I think you just have to listen to your body and do as little or much as you can depending on how you feel. I find it really irritating that I cannot rush around as I used to but at least IBS isn't life threatening so we just have to go with the flow!

  • Thanks everyone for the replies they really help. Lisa I did have an overactive years ago but all is well there now. Susz so sorry re the ME I was misdiagnosed with it years ago now they think I've fibromyalgia. Sashapaet thank u I know it's a go with the flow thing indeed. I think what surprised me now was that I was fine until I had a shower etc. torchy thanks again a as always. Do u think another trip to dr?:(

  • Oh Christ - well here's a new one on me. Any advice? So I had that bug 10 days ago. Haven't felt right since with exhaustion etc. doc said it had run its course but wud take me longer to get over as Iv other health issues (recovering anorexia and anxiety disorder). Anyway today I was quite ibs "c" which normal for me but it quickly turned from "C" to much looser. Never had this before. Is bug back ? Or am I just a total f*** up? :(

  • hi i have found with ibs that a hot bath can help pain but feel exhausted lighheaded afterwards until iv cooled down. virus and "d" can be exhausting so rest as much and keep fluids up.

    had a bad sunday with"d" n pain.only imodium n codeine helped.

    hope you soon feel better


  • Thanks graham I'm just not sure what is going on. I assume after nearly 2weeks that awful bug has gone but yet I've pains etc. is it an after effect and things will calm down?

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