Severe stomach ulcers

Severe stomach ulcers

I am a mother of 4. Two boys and two girls. I started having some complications in 2014, i have been to many different Doctors but no help. My symptoms were burning sensation in the stomach, dizziness and feeling weak.

My condition was getting worse. I decided to see a specialist last year Februay. The Doctor used a gastroscopy and i was diagnosed with severe stomach ulcers with multiple sores. I am on treatment since then, neximozel and ulcernic

I am getting better but still suffer from dizziness and wekness sometimes. I lost weight due to the diet. Please anything that can help? I will appreciate.

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  • Probiotic good quality yoghurt

  • Hello i have had the same and d1 erosions .

    I drank blended up red cabbage for 3 weeks and that seem to stop the grating burning .

    Ulsers dont just happen there is allways a prosess ie

    Hplori is a nasty lil fucker that makes you feel like you cant swallow or eat it can also cause nausia or a tingle in the throat .

    Thats the start of ulsers in 1 case .

    A faulty valve allowing acid/bile up into the smaller stomach can also cause ulsers .

    Or if your like me have all of the above and get tested for zol ell syndrome .

    Hope this helps

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