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Molaxole advice

Been suffering with pain and wind in colon and my motions have been small hard. Been to Drs again with this and he has prescribed Molaxole. I'm not constipated I go every day but not normally. Read pack instructions it says causes pain,bloating gas. Has anyone used Molaxole and does it have these side effects. I been to take one sachet a day. Thing is I have these symptoms now with a lot of wind without taking anything to make it worse. Dr also sending me for cealic test. Thanks for advice

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I was first prescribed Molaxole a couple of years ago - two sachets every day - because i was retaining hard stools. I found it worked really well for me, used it regularly as per gp instruction and back then i didn't have any side effects. This year I have changed my diet via FODMAP and my ibs is so much better but on one occasion when I was constipated and took Molaxole it gave me terrible gut pain so I haven't used it since. I really can't pin down any one thing that made me suddenly have such side effects.

My suggestion to you is to keep trying with the Molaxole according to your gp's recommended dosage as hard stools are not good. If you get gut pain, go back to your gp.


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