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I suffer with IBS-C. Have been suffering for a couple of years with bloating and not being able to go very easily without the help of laxatives. Overload and overflow has been mentioned by the GP.

I am 40 yrs old and female. The doctor said work out what your triggers are and I can honestly 100 % says it's my girly hormones. The reason being that when my period starts, I'm fine. Fine during it. Producing good quality normal bowel movements with no mess (tmi SORRY !!). About a week after the dreaded curse has ended, it's leading up to OV time and 3 weeks of IBS related issues start again. I can't go and get backed up. Mucus from the backend. Wind, bloating but rarely any real pain luckily for me.

The food triggers seems to be brown bread and high fibre foods which lead to very painful bloating and are best avoided.

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try no bread or veg skins and take normacol instead works for me.may need prescription for it and its made from natural veg.

best regards



Don't know if it's anything like this but look up Dybosis on the Internet.


Hi Eliza2811

A couple of suggestions - get your thyroid function checked, an early sign of underactive thyroid is constipation

Have you tried magnesium glycinate at bedtime? You could try getting your RBC Magnesium checked too.

High fibre foods can be problematic if you don't drink enough water. Best introduced to your diet very very slowly.

A possible try is going gluten free - as you mention bread. I went gluten free (though for other reasons than constipation - as have hashimoto's) but one of the benefits was reduced bloating. Possibly get tested for Coeliac disease too.

Good luck x


Have you ever thought you may have a wheat intolerance. You could go to you're GP and discuss you're syptoms with them. I got diagnosed with IBS in my earlier 20's, I'm now 45 and have just been diagnosed with caeliacs disease. I've read articles and reports from alternative health magazines and websites, and they have said that those who've been diagnosed with IBS were misdiagnosed.


Mango juice works wonders for me xx


i would agree hormones play a big part in digestive problems. I am 54 an everything has got considerably worse over the last 2 years. Bloating, wind, daily constipation and reflux. I have managed this through diet, taken out lactose, diary, wheat and gluten and manage the constipation through acupuncture and herbs. I have been told that as I may be pre menopausal that due to the cells changing in our body and drop in oestrogen then it can trigger all type of problems in particular digestive, bladder problems, heavier periods, pain etc. All of these I have therefore I would definitely say it adds to the problems. Acupuncture and herbs and diet all help with my problems however I still have flare up's. I honestly think that it never goes it's just a case of managing the symptoms.


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