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Low Fodmap Subscription Box

Whilst every IBS sufferer is different, would anyone be interested in a low fodmap subscription box that would include some snacks, some ingredients for recipes, etc etc ? What price would you be willing to pay per month ? I honestly really love cooking and all the food subscription boxes have too many ingredients I can't eat, I'm just wondering if there's a market for this sort of product outside of myself because if there is I'd like to make it happen.

If you have the time, here is a short survey relating to the topic... goo.gl/forms/Ydm3M431PT1y9sXz2

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I think that this is a great idea.A better way to do this would be if you worked out what a subscription box would cost, what included etc and see if people are willing to pay that price. There are such huge variations on what is involved I don't think of I said, for example £50, that would be very useful to you. tThere are a lot of choices to be made before you can determine a price. Good luck with your venture.


I think it would be around the £10 mark, as I want it to be affordable for everyone :) thanks for your response though, it definitely needs a lot more thought put into it before I do anything concrete !


I think a subscription is worth a try; especially if IBS snacks are sold.

There are a lot of free Low-Food map and IBS websites out there. The best website that I have found; is run by Heather Van Doross. It is called " Help for IBS." She has recipes, books, teas and the very latest information on IBS.

The best to you.

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