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IBS and sleeping


I am mostly at home at the moment. After every bowel movement I have, I become very sore with throbbing and I need to lay down on my sides until this eases.

The problem is that after laying down for 10-15 minutes as it can take about an hour to completely ease off, I become very drowsy tired and just end up sleeping for about 2-3 hours straight during the day and I still feel disorientated when I wake up.

Does anyone else have problems with sleeping during the day because of needing to lay down due to IBS and how do you cope with it?

I am quite inactive also due to low energy and sleeping patterns.

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I do have problem with fatigue and ibs . I just have to give into it and sleep then I feel better. I am seeing a new gastro on Monday praying he can help me.


I have the same symptoms as you nature girl it's the worst pain ever


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