Managing IBS and anxiety

It would be great to get some advice and support from others that may be experiencing the same issues. I was diagnosed with IBS 6 years ago and I have managed well for many years, recently I am experiencing fear of it getting out of control and when I am travelling or on a day to day just worry that something bad is going to happen. It's got so bad I am no longer eating during the day incase my IBS flares up and I need to use the loo if you know what I mean. I start to get shakes and my head feels fuzzy and I get warm from top to bottom and the sense of impending doom can almost become overwhelming. I will add I am not a drama queen and am generally a tough cookie who is fazed by little bit I feel like me and my body are on separate pages 😔

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  • You poor thing. I've been there, to the point I felt ill with not eating & taking 6 loperamide a day.

    It sounds like you need to manage your anxiety. As anxiety makes IBS ten times worse.

    I had Cognitive behavioural therapy 10 months ago, as my anxiety was out of hand & ive not had any IBS symptoms in 6 or more months! Meditation before you start the day can also be a huge help.

    Good luck x x

  • It does get to you and breaking this spiral is key. I used the registered hypnotherapy site to find someone net me. It just stops the impending panic. Everyone is different I'm afraid. Good luck.

  • Hi I used to get all this and have had lots of help from consultants and other people, via GP

    Very Best Wishes

  • Have you discovered a particular food group that affects you or have you do e your own intolerance tests

    You should get yourself a RADAR key (just Google it) this will open any disabled toilet in the UK and an 'I can't wait ' card from the IBS Society - these shoukd give you confidence when out and about - I've used my card in Italy

  • Carrie I could have written this post myself as I am just the same. :( We just have to not let it win and not let it stop us doing things. If I am going anywhere I try to stick to bland foods that I know I am ok with.

  • Carrie l know exactly what you are saying. But l was worse because l stopped eating at the time.

  • This is where I was a couple of years ago and hade been that way since the late 90s. A combination of mind over matter and relaxation techniques, keeping cool and quietly om-ing my way through stressful travel. Please look at my other posts as this was my problem entirely. I never go out without having taken silicolgel which has turned my life around. I have fear of flying in particular and constantly anxious sending me in an out of the toilets. Silicolgel gives me back control of ibs d and takes that anxiety from my list. Try for info. I still always travel with emergency immodium but never need it. Loo roll, bottle of water and plastic bags in case I'm feeling sick. These give me comfort knowing they are there if needed. Good luck with finding some good self management.

  • Before retiring I used to suffer in a similar way and it makes tough days unbearable. Generally some very good advice already given. I would just like to endorse the advice on Cognitive Therapy. I thought this was the best help mentally ( having tried all sorts), by far. Very basically it helps you to see things in a different light and helps you cope when anxious.

  • There is some really good advice so Thankyou all for taking the time to share your experience and give me some tips to managing myself better, will keep you updated on my progress it's nice to know I am not alone 😊

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